PHOTOSHOP cold knowledge that you don’t know

1. adjusts all the parameters of the brush in canvas

A brush, used PS people basically know a few shortcuts, such as Ctrl+, [" "] “adjust the brush size and so on, this method brings me more convenient than that one, but not the size of the adjustment, together with the hardness and color can finish the adjustment on the canvas.


The Alt+ hold the right mouse button — right on the canvas will appear a red dot on the canvas, dot represents your brush size and hardness (more real more hard, more empty more soft), drag the mouse to move horizontally can adjust the brush size, drag up and down can adjust the hardness, as shown below.

Hold down the right mouse button of Alt+Shift+ – at this point, you’ll find a color selection box next to the mouse, right! Now you can adjust the color! Hold the right button, move the mouse to the desired color, the following picture.

Combination of 2. small handles

Press the space bar will become a little mouse drag canvas is already quite popular starting point of usage, almost every PS game player have to use, but the key combination it but few people know, this is one of the starting point of the combination level bring small: a large proportion of the global drag — even if enlarged to still can instantly view to any position of the canvas.

Methods: press the space bar will be turned into a small mouse starting point, then hold a “Z”, and then press the mouse, then you will find instant return to the global view, the mouse is turned into a small box, this box is your current that can be displayed to the area, drag the mouse to where you want to go then, go, go to you

Additional usage of 3. free transformation

This one is the estimate will sing the same old song, but do not know, here again, Ctrl+T free transform once, Ctrl+Shift+T can repeat the last transformation, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T can achieve replication body and repeat the last transformation effect, as shown below.

4. using Shift to achieve accelerated drag

Do not know if you have not encountered this problem, sometimes in order to align details will have to view really big, then drag a layer or wait for another constituency to experience a long wait, looked down at the bar rolling walking slowly is really impatient if burned…… In fact, this time as long as you hold down the Shift, you will find a scrollbar whoosh past this skill to practice several times, because the press Shift after the towing speed is really very fast, may not pay attention to the head, so that you can look under the point but not always press, the specific effect you see below (see the scroll position PS software download, please add QQ group: 6109500).

5. pen tool drawing transition point

A small trick, when using the pen tool, press the mouse drag and drop node, press Alt, you can achieve a transition to the current node, as follows.

6. use Alt to select the locked layer

Lock the layer mostly when you do not want to move it, but sometimes I need to move it when it may be because too many layers to find, even if checked directly selected cannot select lock, this time as long as you hold down the map layer Alt click is locked in the canvas can be selected. Not only that, in fact, the locked layer can still be carried out some operations, such as mergers, as shown below.

Cold knowledge this period is introduced to here, additional share a summary of their three function keys Shift, Ctrl, Alt semantic incomplete summary, sometimes to three according to the semantic function key shortcuts to guess some function, try a certain ~

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