Make mobile APP interface design more refined: 3 APP text design guidelines

This continues to follow the last one to make the mobile APP interface design more delicate – picture control and selection specification to explain how to design in the text, let our mobile APP design more powerful and delicate.

App text design principles 12

Cut the crap and go straight to the subject.

The dark horse Youth summed up the three major writing level design essentials. It can also be used as a text design criterion for app UI.


1. Classify the text information at different levels

When we get interactive prototypes or other requirements documents, we need to effectively distinguish the information levels of text, so that users can quickly obtain and understand the content of information transmission. Text information can be simply divided into important information, secondary information, auxiliary information and so on. In writing typesetting, it is necessary to clearly sort out the hierarchical relationship between information, improve the overall experience of users of the product.

Through the font size, color, blank, hierarchical division and other processing, the same attribute of information classification design, so that the whole information arrangement of primary and secondary clear, clear level.

As shown in the following picture:

App text design principles

Of course, there are also some app designers in the visual performance of the text, in order to achieve the overall visual balance of the interface, also need to reduce the use of text style, not to highlight the text information and use too many styles of expression.

As shown in the following picture:

App text design principles 2


2, we must estimate the maximum value and the best value of the text information

When we were in the APP UI interface design, the maximum value of junior designers often ignore the text information, perfect the layout just according to their own habits, and ultimately into the test link only to find why than they expected the number of words so much more information, then there will be reworked, bring the risk to the whole the progress of product development.


As a qualified UI designer, we need to estimate the maximum value of the information presented, or give the best value, rather than the minimum or random design, which will encounter more uncontrollable risks in the process of execution.

The author gives three of the most common ways to display text information

The most common method of displaying text information


3. Learn how to use prompt to design

In the design of some large text information interface, in order to improve the efficiency of user access to information, we will choose the appropriate prompt design according to the overall visual effect. Many junior designers will follow the interactive prototype too much, often dealing with large length of text is too random, only doing interactive prototype beautification, lack of initiative for user experience.


In product interaction design, sometimes the product or interaction can not stand in the visual angle of information combing and layout, we need to use their own professional to optimize you feel better place, but also for you in the whole product set up professional.


The design forms of prompt are mainly digital, letters, graphics, color blocks and so on, so long as they can distinguish the information level effectively.

APP design case as shown below:

App text design principles 3

The above three points is the dark horse young designers on the APP UI interface design of the text design, given 3 app text design guidelines.

APP design beginners worth reading and understanding.


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