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FIFA 11 update download free torrent

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FIFA 11 is the last part of the popular football game. FIFA 10 has been a great improvement, the actual reality simulator of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 with the values ​​of competition.

When it was announced in FIFA ago,It seems hard for EA to improve the smooth simulation of football. However, after some games of this version, changing not only cosmetics.

Reason to play

Playing updates make FIFA 11 feel like a real football.The new system + means players move and do what they do in real life. This means, for example, that Manchester United Wayne Rooney will not count the ball after the ball; However, Affiliate Dimitar Berbatov is waiting for something to happen!

Other editions inSA helps you update the most exciting FIFA 11 edition. For example, on the right, it is normal to see more than one person in the ball. You will notice that players are faster than FIFA 10.

Another important change inFIFA 11 is the ability to control visitors, which feels natural and adds more gameplay gameplay.

Handball at FIFA first entered. When you remove it in a protected position, you can lock your hand at the top of the lineTo lock it, the frequency of handballs is higher than real life, but you can disable them or determine if they are incurring a judgment fee.

FIFA 11 has a better transport system, which gives control over the distribution of balls.The program page encourages you to measure the exact value correctly. In PasaiaRepertoire also fortified and now you can swerve crosses, flicks, drive lobes and use backspin balls.

One of our latest requirements is not new sanctions based on energy barriers.Setting the pointer to the right place is very difficult because it takes longer to press your button. This makes it very difficult for FIFA 11 sanctions.

Mga Pagbabagographics

At first glance,FIFA 11s images are not the latest. When you start playing or closing, you know that the player’s image is very real today. EA faces face to face, and faces face different types and vary by player.

Another option forFIFA 11 is that your own voice provides the ability. You can save your jokes, add audio files to real team templates, and set the music highlighted in the group.

The game mode has several game modes, FIFA11, such as licensed leagues,Exhibitions, Training and Pro Pro. Important changes are at this time Recovery Manager mode known as Admin, and becoming Pro is included. Player before starting the game after a lot of training, it is a full train manager.

These interesting new features,Including super – smart games, can be reached fifth in FIFA 11 times

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