China’s UI design team DCU’s excellent mobile design appreciation

After many years of chasing wave network, it is found that more and more Chinese designers are catching up this year. It also indicates that China is developing a large number of excellent UI designers.

To let APP designers who are often active in chasing waves find their own organization tribes. From today on, the 25 school will not necessarily recommend an excellent UI design team for a period of time.

The UI design team that is recommended to you today is DCU. From Beijing, china.

Chasing network address:


The following are some of the excellent mobile designs selected by the 25 school.

1, collocation and gorgeous music APP interface design appreciation:

__ Twelve million three hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and sixty-seven


2. Beautiful and concise APP boot page design appreciation






As we all know, the more succinct APP interface design is more difficult to design.

The design techniques such as white, word, color matching and other UI design works can be shown one by one.




3, Icon design icon design appreciation

Double color icon design case study.



These are the excellent mobile design works of the Chinese UI design team, DCU.

The team’s slogan is you will make progress only if you practice a lot. (only a lot of practice can make progress.)

I hope you UI design small partners to learn to improve and grow together.


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