UI design case study of the line block diagram of the response layout on the mobile phone

Today, follow the 25 school Xiaobian to chat about the layout design of the responsive layout on mobile APP. Here’s a very general response layout layout GIf animation.

We can teach you how to design the APP interface for the raster cell phone, and some of the techniques that use the response raster layout.

Take a look at the GIF animation of the wireframe of the responsive layout



The following are the design templates for the detailed response wireframe:

Design of line block diagram UI for response layout

Of course, we also want a domestic APP UI designer to redesign the micro-blog V home page. It is the use of the principle of the design of the response wireframe.

Micro-blog response layout design

The source of the source is the source of the wave.

Of course, if you want to seriously study the product layout manager and APP designer of the responsive layout, you can also focus on such a book abroad: “Content Wireframing for Responsive Design”.

Address: https://www.uxpin.com/studio/ebooks/content-wireframes-responsive-design/


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