Super combustible APP welfare society interface design, creative bamboo raising

Today, a small editor of the 25 school has collected a Zhang Chao burning APP welfare agency interface design. Very good! In particular, the design of the whole interface of the creative bamboo is small and clear, with beautiful color matching and visual atmosphere.

Not to say much of the nonsense, let’s first look at such a super – burning APP welfare society interface design as follows: a total of 4 interfaces.


App welfare check-in interface time


The welfare society interface is the most common interface for every APP of our integration and exchange. The design style of the APP welfare service interface is very flat, which is arranged in the form of illustrations and words with strong visual color.

Why have bamboo gifts this interface is against the idea, see this, you have to think of Alipay a good product – ant forest?

Ant forest


The process of the ant forest product:

Users receive virtual users, species of low carbon consumption, the day after receiving the energy to … … to the virtual world and reality in the tree grew a tree … … simply, this process is to encourage users to use Alipay consumer, then get a reward, eh? Isn’t this an integral system?

So the principle of raising bamboo in this welfare society is the same as the ant forest. The purpose is to retain the user and promote the user’s active product design.

To give our users a different sensory experience through visual programs such as ant forest, bamboo, and small fish. It is also the most special user experience design of the APP. In fact, this is the essence of creative APP design. Learn to change patterns to improve our APP’s visual marketing capabilities. Such as APP refactoring, reversion, and so on.


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