Online handset icon making tools -resizeappicon and AppIconizer

Yesterday, the 25 school shared with you the design series of mobile apps APP Icon: Chinese font deformation design and mobile application APP icon design series: English, digital and special symbols.


When we design a satisfactory APP icon, there are several kinds of APP icons needed to develop to our brothers, such as WeChat, and the size and size of the icons on the application market are different.

One key is needed to generate various sizes of mobile phone application icons. This time you need to make tools with ready – made online mobile icons.

For example, the Android platform tool for automatic generation of multi size, various specification icon formats


Today, 25 schools continue to recommend 2 good online handset icon making tools: resizeappicon and App Iconizer


The first online handset icon making tool: resizeappicon

Online handset icon making tool - resizeappicon

Resize App Icon website instructions: after uploading the original website, the original image is automatically generated after loading, and the uploaded image resolution is 512× 512 or 1024× 1024, the generated Icon icon size has different formats for different devices.

The iOS icon pixels are 29&#215, 29 pixels, 40&#215, 40, 50&#215, 50, 57&#215, 57, 58&#215, 58, 80&#215, 80, 100&#215, 100, 114&#215, 114, 120&#215, 120, 144&#215, 144, 152, 152, and 152, respectively.

Android icon pixels are: 36× 36 pixels, 48× 48, 72× 72, 96× 96, 144× 144, 192× 192.; 192.

What kind of pixel icons you want to upload after the upload icon only need to check the pixels listed below can be downloaded to the local.


The various mobile phone icon generation size table: iPhone iPad watch andorid
Various icon size generation tables




Second online handset icon making tools: AppIconizer

App Iconizer is an online help APP developers to convert an image to iOS and Android in various sizes icon tool, all icons are generated according to the Apple App standard to submit images Store and Google Play Store store, a key to generate a variety of mobile phone application icon size.

Step1: upload the app icon large figure (best size 1024*1024px)



Step2: generate mobile icon preview desktop, including IOS and andorid mobile desktop real effect diagram, as follows:


Finally, download the size of a variety of mobile phone icons for the platform you want.


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