IOS 11 Beta Icon latest icon template download (with three icons PSD)

A few days ago, iPhone X at any time on the market, once again set off the apple fever, more apple powder rush to buy, experience the latest system of IOS 11.

At the same time, there will be a lot of APP designers in the design circle to study the latest design concepts and design elements of the iOS11 system and apple.

Today, the 25 school official starts the iOS 11 Beta Icon icon template material. The icon source file PSD on three IOS 11 systems, Maps, iTunes Store, App Store, is also included


These three icon templates contain 2 sizes of 180px and 1024px.

1, MB 1

2, MB 4


At the same time in the sketch version of the iOS 11 Icon Template v7.sketch material, the latest specification of ~ 8 iPhone X iPhone contains the new icon.


The latest IOS 11 icon template download address:

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