Pattern icon creative design appreciation: will this UI design style be hot

The day before yesterday, the 25 school shared the three most common icons in the APP design. 3 kinds of creative design methods for pattern icons are introduced in detail.

Sometimes we can also understand that the Pattern design style is a market or an ecosystem. As shown in the following figure:



And today, the little editor of the 25 school has found a group of designers who specialize in the creative design of Pattern icons.

Their work is very good. Will the design style of the Pattern icon be as hot as the MBE style?

These creative icon design works, are elements of magical flowers, leaves, branches of the designer and nature into a different pattern. As smart as a new pin。

Five 7_1x 9_1x Thirty Crown Deer Floral Luv Nesting-doll03 Peace Pin

The above Pattern icon creative design works come from the dribbble home page of the beauty Designer:



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