Brand LOGO design case study: OFO yellowish car and the way cattle UED

This section is mainly to share with you the ideas of the LOGO design case and the logo design of 2 Internet brand merchants. How to design the popular brand new brand logo at the moment to cater to the user’s habit and love.


The first brand LOGO design case study: OFO small yellow car



In May this year, the name of the of0 brand was changed from “ofo shared bike” to “ofo small yellow car”. The main reason for changing the name is that in daily life, users have been used to call ofo “Xiao Huang Che”. On the basis of “ofo”, it adds three words to “Xiao Huang Che”, which reflects ofo’s brand pursuit of respecting users and users.

At the same time, in conjunction with the new name, the new LOGO also added the Chinese name “small yellow car”, and the “ofo” font has become more rounded and thick than before. At the same time, ofo also enabled’s independent international domain name.

Ofo-logo design case of X small yellow car


Second brand LOGO design case studies: the logo creative design of the way cow UED

The way cattle UED LOGO designed and applied sharing learning.

The design of the way cattle UED-logo

Tuniu UED, the full name of “tuniu user experience design center (Tour & User Experience Design Center)”, the design team was company, is committed to enhancing the cattle products user experience, the design center service products including tuniu tourism websites, social networking, wireless, transportation, hotel, holiday film, flute wind distribution platform retail brand, platform, derivatives, payment, basic products, excellent designers here the polymerization of more than 60 from all corners of the country, to explore the Internet OTA ecological experience design innovation.

The way cattle designers recruit information:

If you want to join the UED department, try to invest in a resume.


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