The latest APP designer’s favorite 4PX or 6px APP icon drawing method

Recently, some of the more elegant 4PX rendering of personalized APP icon appreciation. More important APP designers have started Changsha using 4PX lines or 6px lines to draw different APP icon. At the same time, each APP linear icon is painted with bright colors, giving a new life element or mood.

When we see these beautiful and delicate APP icons, do you think it’s great and you want to design it.

1. Design of APP icons similar to MBE style

4PX APP Icon 6px Linear Icon

2. New APP icons are formed through bright colors combined with line shapes

Colourful APP Icon App icon design


3. Be good at designing APP icon with icon template or icon grid

APP icon design grid system

Before the 25 school, a lot of knowledge points about the design of icons are shared.

1, Logo logo design learning: how to use LOGO grid design correctly

2, Android icon template and icon grid design standard (with PSD download)

3, iOS7 grid system design detailed interpretation and iOS7 icon template demonstration



The second part: share the 4PX Line icon icon design works appreciation and tutorials in China.

At the same time, designers share a copy of PSD, so that everyone can learn and master the design course of 4PX Line icon.

4PX Line icon drawing tutorial


4PX Line icon design PSD material: download download size: 0.6M

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