Three mobile app logo design cases appreciate, teach you fast logo design

The beautiful APPlogo designs on mobile phones are from the mobile app designers. As long as you design a more successful app, your app icon will also be recognized by everyone. It’s also the quickest to prove your ability and show off the capital.

Today, 25 schools share with you three excellent mobile app logo design cases, understand the creative ideas of mature logo designers and logo prototype composition skills.



The first mobile APP logo design case: Oceans Icon


Oceans Icon Project


It looks very cool.


Second mobile app logo design cases: KAJA Logo project

Basic RGB


At the same time, the app icons, such as 1 times, 2 times, 3 times the size of the logo are given, and we have to provide the applogo scheme.



Third mobile app logo design cases: UpSurf Icon


Upsurf Logo

Special APP icon logo design work, we also provide a single letter design creative design inspiration.



In addition to 2 sets of logo design styles, such as different player and other icon design case appreciation:

Basic RGB PlayerLogo

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