One of the small icons of high force lattice: the modeling features of LOGO

As an excellent APP designer, it’s our routine to draw some small personalities. There are also some lazy app designers, which are used directly to draw good icons.

To break through the design capabilities of your own Ui, you must learn to draw some small icons of high force. The previous 25 schools shared several ways to draw small icons.

App-logo design routines 3

1, APP icon design tips: how to design the simplest combination of icons

2, common sense of APP icon design of mobile phone: style drawing of linear icons

3, self-taught APP icon design tutorial: skillfully use rotation to draw APP icons



Today, to share one of small icon method of drawing high force grid with all 25 schools: * 010

Remember to think before you start.

Before we design small icons, we can see more about the features of LOGO, round or straight, quiet or jumping. Are there any basic detail modeling points that can be extracted? Is there any color that can be used directly?

The following 25 schools, for example, illustrate how to extract the icon modeling elements that we want from the logo brand element.


The first styling feature that is implanted in LOGO: Google’s video Logo Icon


For example, a very typical Google play, when the triangle is extracted, all the icons are designed with a triangle as an extension.


Second modeling features implanted in LOGO: icon logo of NetEase cloud music


NetEase cloud music icon, is to grab logo on the round style features, and the LOGO as a small icon of a member, placed in the important position of the homepage.


Third modeling features for LOGO implantation: extraction of elements from Youku new icon logo


The icons of Youku not only use the color of the LOGO, but also take the style of the stack of the color on the LOGO to carry out an extension design.


Fourth modeling features for LOGO implantation: icon logo design of small loop APP


The small circle mainly grabbed the style characteristics of the icons. We can quickly draw a small icon that fits our app icon style.


Through the above 4 LOGO modeling characteristics cases, we should learn to learn to extract the features of LOGO’s modeling and ideas. Then you can see how you learn to use it.

Think more and practice more.


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