Wiboys video

Wiboys is a dedicated video for the launch of the old driver who watch film artifact. Since wiboys has become a new generation of movie deity, it has been loved by many friends. After the new version, the function is more comprehensive, more abundant and more stable.

Software introduction

Wiboys video is a powerful video resources search artifact, online play without pressure, all the resources of the free search for free to see, no need to download, a key to our!

Wiboys video

Software advantages

* 007

Using the most advanced P2P download engine, more fast and efficient watching, simple operation

* 010

It has been certified by 360 security guards, and it is safe and nontoxic to make you more reliable.

* 013

The movies, TV dramas, variety, anime, documentary and so on are downloaded to the local and watched at any time.

* 016

High definition video refutation, with the point of view, free time Mastery

Software features

Simple and clear interface

Powerful function

Rich resources

Buffering the speed, at one point

Wiboys Download

Functional introduction

1, support the most popular video formats: avi, m4v, MP4, WMV, flv, MPEG, mpg, MOV, RM, VOB, ASF.

2. Fast library scanning. It will scan your mobile video and make it easier for you to manage video.

3. Conveniently and quickly add local video and manage local files.

4, high definition video, reading captions, fast forward switching operation is convenient.

5, support the operation of local video, mobile, delete and other operations.

6, automatically scan the local video, and quickly search for video files.

Use a tutorial

  Wiboys videoHow do you use it?

Download the player at this station

Open the player

Click the list to see the local resources!

Click search, you can search for network resources!

Common problem


1, wiboys video is not the latest version, the function has been wrong, so it can not play

2, the impact of network speed, small editor found, sometimes when the network speed is not good, also can not play resources. There are too many devices to access the resource server at the same time to cause the network plug to be unable to play.

3. Another reason for the analysis of the small editor is that it may also be that the resource library of the software has been harmonized. Once the resource library is harmonized and the software client is not connected to the resource library, it will be prompted to be unable to play.

 What about wiboys video that can’t be played for the time being?

If you are still an old version of the wiboys video, please upgrade to the latest version and see the top downloading.

Uninstall the old version of the wiboys video, proposed to upgrade to the latest version of the crack version, crack VIP permissions, all the resources can be watched.

The network speed is too slow can also lead to no play, it is recommended to use WIFI to watch.

The latest special edition, new stable server, want to search and search, will not appear any problems, you must collect.

Update log

Fix some known BUG.

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