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Under the background of current consumption upgrading, educational consumption is considered to be a very large consumption export. Even the next Alibaba is in the field of education. So where is the opportunity and direction of entrepreneurship and investment in online education?

Recently, the mobile application trend report in the first half of 2017 has been released by the leading Android application distribution platform 360 mobile assistant. The following three reports have revealed the successful direction of online education.

Online education is becoming more and more popular in the current environment of “all for children” and “no English is embarrassed to go out”. Among them, K12, English and skills three categories APP become users’ rigid demand. According to the report data, in education APP downloads TOP50, K12, English and skills three categories APP accounted for over 90%, of which K12 accounted for 38%, and English class accounted for 36%. In the APP search download TOP50, the proportion of K12 is up to 39%, indicating that users are more active in the needs of children learning and education.

The report also showed that at the point of time, the beginning of the March school season reached the highest level of user search downloads for the first half of the year. In the first quarter of the test month (June), the amount of user search downloads for educational applications improved.

Functional introduction

360 handset assistants, the software Housekeeper on your mobile phone!
Hundreds of thousands of Android software and games for you to download, 360 security centers to detect all aspects of security. The application of the recommended hottest day and the most fun games, let you easily become a fashion for Master.
Install 360 mobile phone assistant, instant editing software, play selected games, mobile phone at any time management software, Android is your mobile phone for choice!

Use a tutorial

  1. open USB debug: before connecting the computer, the general step “setting the application – USB debug”. (if it is selected, it’s best to get rid of it first, check it, and make sure it really opens). See the USB debug mode in the detailed tutorial. Please come here.

Note: some models do not have or default to open USB debugging,

For example, U880 is the default USB debug

U880e opens the way: click on the settings of MENU, open the “wireless and network”, open the “USB binding” between the binding and the portable hot spots, hook up the “portable WLAN hotspots”, and so on, when the lights are on, the USB binding is OK.

2. open the unknown source, keep wake-up. (some Android systems, after locking the screen, turn off USB debug by default)

The 3.USB connection type suggests that you change it to: only charge (do not choose USB storage or large capacity storage)

Note: the telecommunication version of the mobile phone will be somewhat different in the USB connection mode.

I am here to Samsung mobile phone for example: connect the mobile phone and computer data lines, then the mobile phone will appear on the two option [KIEs] and [KIEs] large capacity storage, connected to the computer, then it will connect 360 mobile phone assistant (that has been downloaded and installed mobile phone drive), so simple, mobile phone a successful connection.

  Use of skills

After many tests and verification, I would like to share with you the installation of mobile assistant failure on the PC side (the card cannot move on at 98% levels) and the failure of installing 360 mobile assistant on the mobile phone side. We hope to help you.

1, mobile phone access to root rights;

2, the ROOT permissions are granted to the RE file manager;

3, open the RE file manager, set up read and write rights;

4, enter the mobile phone memory root directory, find /data/data/com.qihoo.appstore, delete all the folders, then install the phone or connect PC.

  PS: special reminder

1, 360, when mobile phone assistant connects to PC, it is better to turn on. Otherwise, it is easy to appear the PC terminal and the low version directly cover the situation of installing the high version of the mobile phone. (360, the mobile assistant decides the logical reason).

2, in the mobile phone to connect to the PC process, as far as possible to avoid data line disconnection or mobile phone restart (oh, easy to judge logic, triggering mobile phone assistant assistant that is not installed on your mobile phone, then, will then automatically download from the official version of 3.X, you will end no matter what the mobile phone version directly to kill off cover easily lead to abnormal dropping, mobile phone assistant inexplicably disappeared, and then failed to install various, such as what occurs, please repair in accordance with the above personal practical experience)

Update log

1. optimize the user experience, silky smooth.

2. new video wallpaper, fun to look good and lovely

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