Prepics app is a photo and photo platform. In prepics app, you can find all kinds of pictures, no matter what style they are, you can find them here.

Functional introduction

“Prepics [10000000]” is a free application release, sharing and evaluation of the photos.

In the Precambrian site, there are now more than one million pictures and more than 400 thousand, sent to the daily!

The ease of use in the Precambrian is a popular secret!

You can easily search, publish and share your photos.

The content of the website is very rich, look at it, check the pictures you like!

Software features

A funny picture

Emoticons and emoticons

– decorated mail


. pictures of cats, dogs and pets




A lovely picture

The pictures you have published will soon be commented on by people from all over the world!

Add pictures to your favorites and tell your friends!

Android 2.1 system, 2.2, 2.3.3

Update log

Repair the known BUG and optimize the function

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