Retrica camera

Retrica camera: this camera has a very large number of filters. The built-in filter is enough for you. If you can’t satisfy you, you can buy it yourself. It is also very simple to use the Retrica camera to make an antique style, and it is very convenient to use.

Functional introduction

The Retrica camera allows you to easily take photos of the antique style, with a built-in more than 80 filter, and a partially paid filter that can be purchased in freedom.

The great application of selfies!

Take the retro – style photo of the high resolution Retrica’s 80 exclusive filter!

Retrica provides a lot of professional design filters, and more than any other camera application. Before taking photos, even the filters that can be used!

Take a photo collage with Retrica, with the application of the filter! You can set time interval to shoot continuous photos and ghost mixing with your friends!

Good pictures! Retrica has a unique and profound filter, just to let your picture pop up! Your night in the city, from your trip and an amazing meal you and your friends will become more beautiful and memorable filter Retrica Baqian elegant! Retrica comes with many fashionable signs that can be chosen from too much!

80 real time old style filter (of which 25 are provided in the upgrades)

Additional function

– halation

External focal ambiguity

– self timer

– all kinds of layout (22 collages)

– selectable border

Retrica logo watermark

– 14 good Retrica logo (you can also turn the watermark on the set value.)

Update log

All new retrica! This update includes:

New UI design to better meet your retrica experience

A very fast photo experience for retrica

Location watermark shows where you are!

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