Funny photos

Funny photo app is a special camera application, APP filter and funny photo features a comprehensive post-processing rich for the user, allowing users to easily make funny photos, will be happy to share with other users.

Functional introduction

Photo Deformer — make your own special photo!

Photo Deformer is a unique photo editing utility that gives users the ability to make comics and special effects for entertainment!

It’s easy to take it from your friend’s photo to make funny comics. As long as you choose photos you want to transform and click gently, Photo Deformer will automatically detect faces and other parts as far as possible, making perfect cartoons.

What you need to do is to spend a minute of the day!

Users can also choose the “manual” mode to modify and produce comics in a more sophisticated and complex way.

Photo Deformer is an innovative new entertainment application photo editing application that allows users to mix, collocate and produce interesting photos as they want!

The application itself has the advantages of intuitive and easy to use. Users only need to pick out photos that they want to transform easily. Photo Deformer will take over all subsequent programs. The application is easy to navigate, including the complete user manual for beginners photo editor.

Once the photos are finished, users can share their work with their friends and friends through Facebook, MMS and even email.

Whether you want to modify your photos or make funny cartoons, Photo Deformer can give you full play. Photo Deformer edit apps for photos. As long as you move your fingers, you can add fun to the fun photos.

Software features

Automatic face detection and one key comic production

Manual mode can make more sophisticated comics

Facebook download / upload

Multitouch support

7 photo modification tools, each tool has three sizes for use

Real time animation

Camera support

Full size photo presentation (only Pro version)

Save the reconstructed photos with different names

Save the reconstructed picture as a lifelike GIF

Send the reconstructed picture by e-mail, MMS and so on

Sending reformed photos with lifelike GIF

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