Android PRISMA edition is a recent red hot picture processing software. Android PRISMA app version is very powerful, covering the rich material filter can make your photos, a second painting style, cool to no friends! ,

Software introduction

PRISMA app is a very powerful filter software. Prism put your photos into art used by famous artists: Van Gogh, Picasso, he style, and the world famous jewelry and pattern. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence can help you turn unforgettable moments into eternal art.


Software features

1. minimalist way of operation, enough to shock the visual effect, users with a small investment in exchange for great aesthetic enjoyment.

In the world of 2. art, it is crucial to capture the emotion and inner spirit of the face. It’s obvious that Prisma does it, and its image enhancement highlights facial features and emotional expression.

3. for the vast majority of ordinary people, there is little chance of creating works of art and becoming a work of art. Prisma can create “blockbuster” “deceive” for everyone through the algorithm, which has become a great privilege in the hearts of people.

Functional introduction

1., it combines the artificial neural network technology (neural networks) and AI technology to get the artistic style of the famous painting masters and main schools, and then makes intelligent stylization of your photos.

2. photos will be processed in 3 layers, and each layer has a specific use. The essence of the process is to analyze the picture and find out where you need to be modified to match the artistic style you choose.

Use a tutorial

prisma use?

1, open the Prisma, select the self portrait or open the photo of the album

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2, choose your favorite from one of 33 different art style filters, sliding around in the photo, adjust the strength of filter.


3. Simple pictures with rich colors and rich layers of art that can then be released to social media.

PRISMA app Downloads

 How does PRISMA go to the watermark?

1, open Prisma app, click the “setting” setting button, and the third on the right of the picture.


2, close third options, the map no longer watermarks!

PRISMA app Downloads

  In addition, there are several points of reminding.

1, the map of this app is carried out in the network, it is recommended to use under the WIFI condition, so as not to waste the flow;

2, because it is on the Internet to repair the map, sometimes the failure to repair the map is very normal, retry later.

3, the picture can not be cut into a square, use a double finger to narrow the picture, keep moving and then point “next”… The problem is solved!

Close reminding

“Prisma” has a simple appearance and smooth operation. In the process of using software, it can also improve some artistic attainments, and understand the characteristics of different schools, which can be regarded as a good application with multiple applications. But “Prisma” is not perfect enough. After all, art needs to be paid. Because the analysis of photos is done in the cloud, so “Prisma” needs to be networked. After testing, the traffic spent on processing a photo is usually within 400KB.


The art processing also need to rely on the quality of the network, so that everyone in the WiFi environment, because fail process rendering pictures in your heart to wait wait wait, because “Prisma” is too hot, when the poor character will wait until the collapse of the server.

PRISMA app Downloads

Special reminding

“Prisma” has a sharing button, but there is no particularly obvious save button, so it is necessary to open the original diagram or effect. As long as there is a filter that works can be saved automatically, if you do not open this button, then choose filters in your unpredictable, photos are gone 23333, they must be the first time to open the “Prisma” is a stride to open open open the Save button.


The above is not very long, have forced.

Update log

Optimize the performance of the system, the experience is more smooth

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