Professional certificate

App is a mobile phone camera software. Professional certificates are provided by the app mobile version to provide users with a brand-new photo function. At the same time, they have the effect of intelligent beautification, enabling users to easily take various kinds of beautiful credentials.

Functional introduction

Professional certificate is a professional software for the production of various types of documents.

1, intelligent face recognition

The face detection technology created by the Daniel team, no matter what background, can accurately identify the face in the photo in a second; the feature point location of the face

2, intelligent matting algorithm

To distinguish the background and the background segmentation, edge blur of photo cutout treatment and natural transition, intelligent face recognition technology, can accurate matting, matting effect comparable to PS, with more intelligent technology to passport passport making it.

3. Smart beautification photos

Still worried about passport documents not good-looking? With a professional photo shoot, intelligent beauty, natural distortion, let you have a perfect professional passport.

4. Close cloud storage

There is a problem with the size of the photo. The professional documents are ready for you to prepare two ways of extracting photos.

“Professional license photo” is just a simple start for us. We believe he will shine. If you have any doubts or confusion in the process of using, or have any idea about products, or would like to cooperate with us, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Update log

1, improve the production of national civil service examination and postgraduate examination photo

2. Optimize the search experience, support the name of the search specification, the size of the pixel, size and size

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