Photo Grid (photo combination)

Photo Grid is currently only providing five classes of alternative. In addition to Single is a single picture editor, the others can be edited by a number of photos. The portfolio software is a good one in the “collage” software, which is very good.

Software features

* the best application of Instagram to create a photo combination on Android
* 4 modes: orderly combination, ultra high, ultra wide, free arrangement
* 2 Photo sorting: Handmade selection, wobble mobile phone
* 5 editing options dialogue: Mobile, exchange, rotation, zoom, sketch
* 105 layout templates
* 42+ colourful background
* share your photo portfolio by Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Sina micro-blog, QQ micro-blog, renrennet and so on

Functional introduction

The amazing effect of the photo combination can be done in a few steps with PhotoGrid.
And it’s completely free and without restrictions.
Try it for a moment.
In the ANDROID 1 Jigsaw Puzzle application, more than 38 million users
The 11 countries were ranked first in photography.
The top 5 of the 37 national categories of photography.

Common problem

The problem of Instagram
Q: how can I have a square photo combination without cutting?
Answer: click the “” icon in the bottom column (at the bottom of the puzzle page).
Question: uploaded to Instagram, which is too small?
Answer: please update the latest version of Instagram.
Other common problems
Q: why don’t you show all my photos on photogrid?
Answer: please check the photo gallery of the system. The photos displayed by PhotoGrid are synchronized with the system library.
Q: how do you use editing functions? (move, switch, rotate, zoom)
Answer: click the “pencil” icon (at the top right of the puzzle page).
Q: where is the saved photo portfolio?
Answer: save in s SD card photo phase lattice
Q: how to send us the debug log?
Answer: click on the top left corner of the home page, and then choose email support.

Update log

BUG repair.

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