Altizure app is an auxiliary photography software developed based on 3D reconstruction technology. It is a convenient mobile tool to control UAV image and intelligent management tasks. Altizure app, which aims to allow small UAVs to easily collect large scale data.

Basic introduction

Altizure app is an auxiliary Photo software designed by, which provides the world’s leading 3D reconstruction technology and online services.

Altizure app can control the flight of a plane on a given path and take a regular photo. The images can be automatically collected in five directions for tilt photography, and then a real 3D model is generated. Of course, it is also more effective to create a orthographic map with only one vertical direction.

The latest version supports intelligent task management and intelligent fly – to – fly capabilities. This makes it a reality to use a small UAV to collect large-scale data.

Functional introduction

Intelligent task management. Multiple flight tasks can be created, stored, and loaded. Before flying, you can set the task first and then reload the task at the scene. What is raining doesn’t have to worry about it, and the storage of a good task will continue to fly tomorrow.

Intelligent continued flight. You can continue to fly in the middle of the route. When the battery is used up, the battery will be returned automatically, after the battery is changed, the battery will go back to the return site and continue to fly to complete the remaining task. Don’t worry about the battery cannot use the.

Support UAV model

DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard, 4K

DJI Inspire 1

DJI Inspire 1 Pro / Raw (test edition)

DJI M100 (test edition)

Note: the Altizur application can not help the aircraft to bypass the obstacles. Please ensure the flight area is confirmed after the flight area is safe. Please break the flight and go back when necessary.

Usage method

Altizure app tutorial

1. Before using our auxiliary collection application, please ensure

(1) the latest firmware issued by DJI has been installed.

(2) the network is unobstructed when the app is first started, when app is activated by the server that is connected to the DJI. When the first activation is completed, the network is no longer needed, and it can be used offline.

(3) a high speed SD card with sufficient capacity has been inserted into the aircraft.

(4) the user has read the DJI’s operation guide to understand the hardware limitations of the aircraft. For example: safety control distance, maximum flight height and speed, automatic return height, no fly zone.

(5) users can skillfully use remote control to control aircraft (even without DJI Go and map transmission), start / stop automatic return, and understand the consequences of operation. For example, after the start of the automatic return flight, when the aircraft is climbing, the height of the remote control can lead to the end of the flight. The air trigger shutdown instruction (eight + Intelligent return in the left rocker) will cause the motor to drop down.

(6) the flight permission of the local administration has been obtained, and it is not in a regional flight that may jeopardize the safety of the person and property of others.

2. Preparation

(1) open the power of the aircraft and the remote control, set the UAV remote control to the F gear (using the P gear on the Phantom 4).

(2) to adjust the camera parameters in the DJI official application of DJI Go, such as exposure, shutter, ISO and so on, the wrong setting may cause the photo to be overexposed or blurred.

(3) completely exit DJI GO.

(4 a) if Phantom 3 Standard / 4K, please connect the remote control via Wi-Fi.

(4 b) if it is the other model, please reinsert the connection line between the mobile phone and the remote control. There will be a pop-up window that lets you select the app you want to use, select Altizure, and click Capture to collect it. A map will be displayed on the screen.

3, switch to the map mode needed by the current map, use GPS to locate the current location (now support the High German map and Google map, please switch to Gould map, please confirm with the bottom left corner icon).


4. Set the altitude of flight:

Altizure app Downloads

5. Set the flight area, check the flight route and adjust the location of the region (the drag area), the size (the drag control point), the direction of the flight (double finger rotation):


6, check the area settings, confirm the route, the route confirmation will be saved, then can be reloaded in the task management window.

Altizure app Downloads

7, select 5 different angles and take off respectively. Taking the first route can guarantee the basic three-dimensional and aerial view generation. The best three-dimensional effect can be obtained by completing 5 routes.


Note: if there is a situation of hovering after take-off, please check whether the scope of selection is too large or too far, resulting in the estimated time of flight exceeding the battery time. The flight area is only reconfigured at this time.

8, take off the prototype button in the lower right corner and confirm the takeoff after the relevant setting. The aircraft will automatically complete the route, and will automatically return when it is completed or when the power is low.

Altizure app Downloads

9. The image is uploaded to to generate 3D model of aerial photograph

Update log

Since July, the Xinjiang firmware requires the login account of the third party applications in the mainland of China. Otherwise, the flight function of the aircraft will be severely restricted. In order to ensure the smooth flight, please log in to the Xinjiang account according to the hint in app, or click on the login manually in the DJI account setting in the upper right corner. In addition, the aircraft must be bound to the Xinjiang account (DJI Go will be completed automatically).

Upgrade to DJI SDK 4.2, support Phantom 4 Advanced

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