VSCO Cam is a simple and powerful picture application, shooting the main film style, providing 10 free picture processing modes. He was the first in Apple’s App Store pay photography App list. The Android version is now available.

Functional introduction

VSCO is perfectly combined with the photo sharing platform, VSCO Grid. You can look up and pay attention to photographers all over the world and publish pictures of your own. This platform focuses on beautiful photos, not social interactions, so it does not provide fans, comments, and praise.

Cross the device to select the photos you want to synchronize and edit, and simplify your workflow. The VSCO tool provides a fine tuning function to help you mend the photos instead of beautifying the photos. You can beautify your work through exposure, temperature, contrast, clipping, correction, gradient, vignetting and other tools.

The picture has never been so amazing. With our innovative technology, VSCO will show you an unprecedented picture on the Android platform.

In app store to browse and buy every kind of cool design package. From vivid colors to gradual black and white, the best mobile presupposition on the market is here.

Just press the picture in the edit view and compare the original picture with the edited picture.

The size of a variety of thumbnails can be chosen to create a picture browsing experience for you.

Look at your picture data easily, such as location, date, presupposition, and so on.

VSCO Journal contains rich original content to show you the style of photographers all over the world.

Usage method

Open the software and slide the screen into the album to the left


Select the picture you want to process, click the button as shown in the figure, and enter the filter interface

Vsco cam Chinese version download

We can see that there are a lot of filters under the interface, and the filter bar below the left slide can slide out more, clicking on the effect you want. If the parameters such as light and brightness and contrast are not satisfied, if you choose it, there is a reverse triangle button on the bottom, click or slide the button.


You will see four buttons, the first is the filter, the second is to adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness and other parameters attributes, the third is to cancel, and the fourth is the contrast. Then click the second button

Vsco cam Chinese version download

Many parameters can be adjusted at this interface. After adjusting, we still click or slide the bottom triangle button up and down, slide out of the tool switch bar, and click the “bottom hook” below to save.


Vsco cam Chinese version download

Just click on the hook to save only in the software, and can’t be seen in the album. If we save the picture in the album, we need further operation. Click the button in the diagram


Select the save to camer roll in the menu

Vsco cam Chinese version download

When you wait for the saving to read, you can see the picture after the processing in the album!

Update log

Improve the experience and repair some problems.

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