Cymera special effect camera

Cymera special edition is a camera Android app camera, Cymera camera effects Android version is more interesting is that it can edit a variety of effects, want your photos become out of the ordinary and not to lose the truth, you can try using Cymera version of the Android camera effects, the operation is not complicated, but you need to carefully you can edit out the personalized content.

Functional introduction

Photo album

You can create a personal album and share photos with your friends through the album. The private photo album is a secret base for you. It can be put in it, both lovely and funny, to make you laugh with your friends!


This is a new feature that is only launched in the “Cymera second season”.

With the help of the original Cymera tools and new face pop art tools, it will add more fun to your friends’ photos (the swollen head!). Everybody play together, the fun doubles Oh! More interesting features are coming out, please pay attention to it!

Powerful camera functions

There are 7 kinds of attractive camera lenses to choose from. You can also choose the options of background VGD / anti shake / timer / self timer / touch to capture the wonderful moments.

Special effect

You can use about 100 special effects / light / frame effects to change the photo atmosphere to make the photos vivid! It also adjusts the strength to make the picture look more natural than ever.

Jigsaw puzzle and decoration

Cymera makes everything possible! From the production of all kinds of puzzles with the layout of the story album, to distinguish the characteristics of face stickers function, then to tools for you to use any brush, even with many font and style of text function, everything here!


We use a variety of easy to use skin function, can let you become a big star! We provide “big eyes / Smile / face / acne / touch screen / plastic skin” and other functions, and 70 kinds of different styles, and provide excellent makeup tools, allows you to complete a major change.

Language support

Cymera supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese (traditional and traditional).


– won 2012 Asia Smartphone Apps Contest (2012 Asian Smartphone Application competition) creative life class Certificate of Merit (excellent award).

– April ‘s Best App (April Best Application Award) at Korean Mobile Awards (Korea Mobile Awards)

– won 2012 T store Awards (2012 popular store)InterestClass Popular Award (Popularity Award)

Common problem

Q: do I need to register in order to use the “Cymera second season”?

Yes. You only need to register your email, you can use the camera and retouching function.

Q: do I need to log in so that I can use the new Cymera camera?

No, I don’t have to. Even if you have not been logged in, you can also use existing cameras and editing tools.

Ask what is the function of Polish)?

A) it’s a new type of photo entertainment that allows you to share photos with a variety of functions (such as facial Pop Art) after creating a photo. You can edit photos of your friends and share it with your friends! Please pay attention to our latest function!

Ask) how to invite my friends?

Just click the “invite friends” icon at the top of the friend’s menu and send the invitation through Facebook, your address book, and so on.

How do I share my photos with my friends?

Go into the “share photos” in the main menu, and then choose the photo album and photo that you want to share with your friends. Don’t forget to press the “selected” icon for confirmation!

Update log

– optimizing other Bug and functions

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