MAGIX Camera MX (MX camera): this camera effects on doing very well, there are a variety of camera effects for users to choose, but there are many deficiencies, like some pictures you need to restart after the camera can take pictures next time, there are some features to be locked as soon as possible optimization.

Functional introduction

The application of MX – * * * camera for your Android mobile phone popular photo free love, add HDR, in more than 100 countries around the world. It is more than 7 million downloads in the world and the user
the LOMO axis, there are more pictures of you, or even live in the shooting beautiful effect. What is the
* press: 006


Software features

This impressive camera function.
> * 011
+ * more than 20 photos of the scene:
* * * the best video in
video capture after pruning the 015
+ combined with photo effects, covering the border and in your camera you 017
> share your photos easily to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, QQ and Twitter > space + with your photos and albums of

MAGIX Camera MX Download

Update log

Camera and video fixes for Android 6

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