VidTrim video clip app review and download

VidTrim video clip app is a software that can directly edit videos with mobile phones. This is very good for many photographers. If you want to edit videos, app can be done through VidTrim video clip.

Functional introduction

VidTrim is a video editor and organizer of Android.

This is the basis of the seismic cost benchmark, which has an ad – supported book VidTrim professional.

Functional VidTrim:

– VIDEO fine-tuning. Clip video clips in your device

– saved audio, video file is MP3.

– sharing video clips. (send email, upload to YouTube, etc.)

– play video clip

– Rename video clips

– delete video clips

Try this free version of the function (the watermark will be applied to the result video):

– the impact. Using B / W cool video effects, negation, pixel, poster luminescence, Tint0r, EDGE detection, brightness, SwapUV.

– transcoding (resizing and compressing) video clips to smaller sizes.

Use the LGPL license in FFMpeg.

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