Layout jigsaw puzzle software app review and download

“Layout” after the introduction of Instagram on IOS video software Hyperlapse, Instagram launched a Layout jigsaw application on the dual platform. The lightweight application mode is built up, and the whole application program is very lightweight. Although it is not unique among developers, it is definitely a practical standard mosaic application.

Functional introduction

Instagram’s new application, recombining your photos with a unique layout and sharing with your friends,InterestInfiniteļ¼
You can choose photos in the camera film, or take a group of photos with built-in Photo Booth, and then try different layout of photos immediately. Pick out your favorite photo layout, edit it, and make it your exclusive layout.
Layout’s photo process is fluent and intuitive, giving users a very creative control experience. A picture can be generated, mirror flip or replace the pictures, press and drag, zoom, exchange pictures could pinch pull handle can adjust the photo size. You are the unique ingenuity of the photo processors, give play to their creativity: write a story, show clothing, or just decoration or change the ordinary photo stitching, appearance, in order to express a certain mood or theme.
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* a maximum of 9 photos can be reassembled at one time into an interesting, personalized layout.
* the “face” tab can quickly identify a person’s picture.
* lock the moments with a snapshot in the Photo Booth mode.
* save the layout to the camera film and share it to Instagram or other social networks.
* 30 recent selected photos can be viewed in the “recent” tab.
* when the layout is finished, it can be used with the filter and creative tools of Instagram to make the layout better.
* download it immediately and start to create. There is no need to register or account, and there is no miscellaneous advertising to disrupt your creative thinking

Update log

* updates the icons of Layout and our other applications (Boomerang and Hyperlapse), consistent with the new icon style of the Instagram.

* increase support for Android N.

* add the function of direct sharing to the phone address book friend.

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