Our camera App review and download

Our Faceu app is a specific application of a camera face adorable team produced a shot, great effect, beauty is also very true, but a lot of stickers fried chicken of a cute, adorable. What is not enough in the United States is that it is not convenient to keep the photos and save the locality at the end of the picture. I hope I can improve the greasy Obama program ape.

Functional introduction

The cat whiskers, blush, and rabbit ears move and move times to the common shake. Automatic face recognition sticker in your face, instantly make you Meng Da

[] beauty filters congratulations you have found a self artifact, supernatural beauty effect, not self also used as a mirror, I want to live in Faceu, they were.

Video, video and stickers, and chat is not monotonous. If he sends your sticker gift to a flower or a beautiful flower, the time to witness friendship is coming.

The beauty photos can be shared by the hand, and one key is shared by Ta, and it will disappear in the world after 10 seconds.

Usage method

Faceu app is the photo chat App of a special photo taken by the face Meng team. Faceu app allows you to take a high-end black hit. The face MOE team is solemnly affirming that the use of this app photo is at risk, please share it.

Our camera

After login, you must allow your cell phone camera and recording function to be used in this software, click directly on the camera permissions, then you can start recording, and you can start recording with the middle camera.

Our camera faceu Download

The user opens the APP, can shoot short videos and photos, and then share the social media, such as the circle of friends. The biggest feature of the product is that Faceu can superimpose real-time dynamic maps and props on the face, which is similar to Snow, a foreign social product. At the same time the application also provides beauty and filter function. Beauty do dermabrasion whitening effect, the definition of the performance is also good, but do not support the local facial features such as eyes adjustment; filter with some Instagram.

Update log

Optimization of multi site detail optimization of filming pages (@^0^@)

Rehabilitative ape brother kneels to repair a BUG

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