Meitu Xiu Xiu app review and download

  Meitu Xiu Xiu is a software to beautify the picture,Application of Mito home or a lot, only looks almost, but is subject to a lot of mobile phone party favorite, it’s self is indispensable for these things, the foundation treatment effect is also very good pictures, Meitu Xiu Xiu will simply a powerful PS software simplified into image processing software of a country must in fact, Xiao Bian did not want to ask, this tuxiuxiu everyone is used to handle self portraits, or self portraits, self portraits should be.


  Fb announced that it will be the first partner of FB AR studio Beta cooperation program. It will provide Selfie from the Future ‘(tomorrow self timer), Meitu Family (Mei family) and Instant Instant (instant charm) three special effects.

Meitu Xiu Xiu

Meitu Xiu Xiu does not fear outstanding — once the summit of many countries App Store free, overall standings in 26 overseas countries and regions, with more than 1 million total users. But since it has been listed, single business profit point is a common problem in Meitu Xiu Xiu. But from the Shenzhen real estate developers Kingkey industry doesn’t seem to care at this pointIn July 11th, the shareholding was increased again from 11.82% to 14.23%, with a share of more than HK $870 million. The total amount of financing has reached 7 billion 300 million Hong Kong Hong Kong dollars.

Meitu Xiu Xiu download version 2017

  “Chu Joe” for fans to join Meitu Xiu Xiu, tailored # Joe Chu Chuanmeng beat # effects. Just turn on the Meitu Xiu Xiu app, click on the “camera – Adorable photograph, choose Custom effects, can a second pass through to the Western Wei, experience the” horse gallop, sloppily”.

Meitu Xiu Xiu

Functional introduction

Intelligent beauty: beauty, rosy face, one click fix optimization;

Grinding skin whitening: one key grinding skin + whitening, can also adjust the color of the skin oh;

Freckle and acne: a little bit, small acne disappeared;

Thin face thin body: the finger gently push, where want to lean where to push;

Remove black eye: quick erase fatigue, farewell to Panda eyes;

Eye enlargement: the little secret that tells you to magnify your eyes instantaneously;

Magic eye: gently touch, bright eyes, to create a seamless eye makeup effect.

Software features

No need for foundation

“Meitu Xiu Xiu” intuitive interface, simple operation, better than similar software. Everyone can easily get on, and never ask for a picture.

Portrait beauty

Unique skin acne, thin face, thin body, whitening, eye enlargement and so on a variety of powerful beauty function, so that the user easy to have an angel face.

Picture special effect

With the most popular and popular picture effects at the time, the superposition of different special effects makes the picture full of personality.

Jigsaw puzzle function

Free puzzle, template jigsaw and picture splicing three classic jigsaw patterns, and many pictures are exposed once.

Dynamic DIY

Easy steps to create personalized GIF dynamic pictures, funny 036.The wonderful moment moves.

Sharing channels

One button will share the beauty chart to Sina micro-blog, Tencent micro-blog, Renren network, QQ… Share a good life with a good friend.

Use a tutorial

Meitu Xiu Xiu how to put the clothes into flower jacket

The first step, the United States and the United States open tuxiuxiu, click [picture] beautification

Meitu Xiu Xiu

The second step, open a local picture, and then choose [mosaic].

Meitu Xiu Xiu download version 2017

The third step, here if the pen style in meters see mosaic into the Northeast flower jacket [Download] free resources

Meitu Xiu Xiu

The fourth step, download directly after the success of the northeast big flower pattern of selected coat graffiti on peak clothing, all the original clothes cover can adjust the size of the mosaic [pen, can also use the eraser to modify]

Meitu Xiu Xiu download version 2017

You can save it at the end.

Meitu Xiu Xiu

Usage method

Beautification —

Local color pen

Local mosaic

First, open a photo with Meitu Xiu Xiu:

Then select the local mosaic function on the beautification interface and click into the operation interface:

Adjust the size and strength of the appropriate brush on the left and then apply it on the part of the mosaic, like the license plate.

After playing the mosaic, choose to save, select the save path and modify the save name in the Save option.

Local discoloration pen

First start the software to open the picture:

Under the “picture processing” label, there is a local color color pen, which can be used to customize the color and apply it to OK.


Cosmetology –

Thin face and lean body

Grinding skin and dispel pox

1, open the photos to be processed under the software, enter the “beauty” menu, choose “acne and freckle”, adjust the size of the brush, click on the obvious spots on the face, click the application.

2, then, under the “beauty” menu, choose the “skin wear” classification, select the “whole skin”, choose the “smart skin and light”, and then choose “natural skin wear medium”.

3, and then select “eliminate dark circles”, click the pencil, relatively white choice anywhere near chin, apply more red, eliminate red pox india. Then the same way to eliminate the right cheek, acne print more obvious place, success!

Skin whitening

1, in the “Meitu Xiu Xiu” software, a picture to be processed into the open, “beauty” menu, select “skin whitening function, in the overall whitening suitable interface strength.

2, then click on the local whitening function interface, adjust the size of the appropriate brush and skin color, and then smear the needs of whitening parts on the success!

Elimination of black eye circles

Open pending photos in the “Meitu Xiu Xiu” software, in the “beauty” menu, click “remove black eye” function, set the brush size and strength, and then covered with a black eye, black eye will not see oh!

In fact, it takes you to say goodbye to the black eye only one step, and then add some other beauty treatment to make beautiful appearance instant glow, isn’t it amazing? And if there is a mole on the face and other small defects can also be processed in “eliminate black eye”! You can try more according to the needs, and will be able to harvest more surprises.

Eliminate red eyes

Click the “red eye” under the “beautify” menu to adjust the size of the brush, which is more appropriate than the pupil of the character. Then click the left button of the mouse, and the red eye is gone.

Mascara, eye enlargement, and discoloration of the eyes

Hair dyed

Just enter the Hair Coloring function interface, select the brush size, then choose a love color, hair can smear Oh, and smear can click on the color wheel, you can freely transform to the hair color la!


Start the Meitu Xiu Xiu software:

Open the photo and enter the “beauty” label to choose “tattoo”:

Select the “Rose” tattoo pattern, adjust the position size:

In order to integrate the pattern into the skin, we choose the right button of the mouse to choose “the front stack (fusion)”, which is more realistic.

Ornaments –

Static ornament

The material of jewelry can be classified into two categories: static and dynamic. Material is mostly dynamic. Static material is mainly “non mainstream”, and there are many material patterns. A variety of combination effects can be made by adjusting the transparency, size and direction.

Dynamic ornament

Dynamic material generally refers to GIF format multi frame animation picture, and other material is also through adjusting the transparency, size, direction to make desired effect. It is important to note that the material will be merged with the picture if the right key “positive stack” is used, and the dynamic effect can not be done again. Therefore, we should pay attention to making maps. If there are dynamic ornaments, we can’t use “positive stacked bottom”, and remember to save it as a dynamic GIF image format.

Although Meitu Xiu Xiu provides the massive material variety in jewelry, but the demand is endless, at the end of the menu bar, there is a “imported goods” function allows you to import their own material in computer use.

Text –

Comic characters

“The cartoon characters” function, can be found in Meitu Xiu Xiu’s “text” menu.

Animated gif

Note: this dynamic text can not choose the combination of material, otherwise it will become a text that will not move.

Text template

In 1, Meitu Xiu Xiu " " software needed to open the add text on the picture, click the &quot menu under " text; " static text ".

2, click " static text " after that, the default &quot will appear first; please input the word " word, as long as we enter the text we want to write in the text edit box, click &quot, and apply the text &quot. At this time the text shows the default song of the song, and quickly choose a suitable type of network font replacement.

3, when you want to retype a sentence, reuse the " the static text " but it finds that everything just set up becomes the default setting. Resetting a little lazy, so the lazy way is to use the right button to copy the same text material.

4, although the copy is good, the text can not be the same. To a point of sentimental sentimentality in line with the mood of the text, remember to finish after the input to " the application of " Of course, the font can be modified at will, depending on your habit or the style of the picture.

5, " the network text " the English effect is also excellent, the outline of the line is very unique, unique, with a great lot of fan.

6, the typesetting of characters has been completed. If you want to taste different from the original picture, you can try &quot, &quot, and one key to deal with special effects. The effect is very good, the color is more gorgeous, and the nightscape is more beautiful.

Border –

One key border

1. Open the picture. Running Meitu Xiu Xiu software, follow the prompts to open the photo.

2, add the border. The point on the title bar of the “border” icon to switch to the left side of the page in the page frame, click the “simple frame” icon on the right side of the page, there will be a lot of frames available, click on the frame of love, the page will automatically jump to the border of the edit box, then you can see the baby photos plus frame the effect, if not satisfied can point on the right side of the border with the effect of material replacement, application”.

3, save. When the picture is done, the “save” icon on the post – title bar is saved on the OK of the saved path, name and other points in the pop-up save options box.

Text border

Open the photo 1, “Meitu Xiu Xiu”. Properly adjust the brightness, contrast and color saturation, and use a “Pink Lady” with 50% transparency to make the photos bright.

2, click on the “beauty” and “acne dermabrasion”, first use a mild exfoliating “down in addition to noise, then adjust the intensity and size of skin grinding brush, hollowification treatment on the background, highlighting the characters.

3, click the “beautify” label, and appropriately increase the color saturation and clarity, then use the “HDR” of transparency, 20% of the “Bao color”, 40% of the “ice spirit”, and 10% of the “Purple illusion” to achieve the special effect stack. 100%

4, click the “cut” button, drag the rectangle box, cut off the extra parts of the picture.

5, click “border” and “text border”, add the appropriate border material and border text content to the photo.

6, in the end, you can also click “text” and “text template” to add the appropriate text material. And use “jigsaw puzzle” “Free Puzzle” to add a white jigsaw background border to the photo.

Animated border

1. First, open a picture of your own.

2. The &quot in the picture processing; the arbor " the special effect is very different, the picture can be completely changed in a style. Click " picture processing " select " fashion " &quot in it; treasure " special effect.

3, click " the ornament " choose a lovely Christmas hat, and adjust the size, position and so on in the adjustment frame.

4, to create the feeling of snow is actually very simple, click on " frame " " &quot animation frame, and then select " " Christmas; the first animation snow effect under the label of OK frame.

5, finally click " save " and select " save as an animated picture " make a success.

Scene —

Static scene

Animated scene

Find the new animation scene button in the scene tab, click it and choose the scene that you like, then you can open the animation scene edit box.

When all the photos are adjusted, you can click the “preview animation effect” button to view the preview animation. It can also drag the “speed regulation” drag bar to control the speed of the animation. The effect is satisfactory, just click " save the " the button can save the results that have been made.

Matting for background

1, first run Meitu Xiu Xiu software to open photos.

2, click on the “tools” matting matting “choice for background”.

3, in the “matting for background boxes, select” free matting “we can adjust the position of each node in order to pull out of the picture more perfect.

Note: Meitu Xiu Xiu has four kinds of matting way (free matting, matting, matting, round rectangle rectangle matting) for your choice.

We must choose the satisfactory after 4, finish the background matting.

5, click the edit box for background matting “in the” save “button can be saved directly to the picture.

Automatic cutout

Flicker –

Multi flash map

1. First, choose any kind of flicker pattern under the flicker label, and open the “flash map edit box”.

2. On the left of the flicker edit box, you can see a new “custom flash” column in which each picture in the flash is arranged. Click the “replace” button on any frame of the frame to replace the current picture.

3, click the “add one frame” button to add multiple frames in the flicker.

4, finally adjust the speed of the flash, when you feel satisfied, click Save to finish.

Make a flicker

1, open Meitu Xiu Xiu, select the “flash map” menu “own flash map” function.

2, after entering the edit box, there will be a “add one frame” button, that is, add a picture, a change of meaning, can continue to add.

3, after adding the picture will appear “adjustment window”, according to their own preferences to adjust, can choose local magnification and rotation.

4, then add the picture.

5, the picture added after the “preview flash effect” to adjust the speed of the flash, speed of the speed of his own to decide.

The update log

1. beautify the new function: photo correction
Hand maim party gospel, easy to adjust the master level composition!
2. real time camera filter: movie blockbuster
Where is the favorite actress of the lens!

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