Love editing app app review and download

The love clipping mobile version is a very hot and powerful video editing software. You can handle and edit your video on a love clip app. It’s very easy to operate, and there are plenty of special templates for you to use. With a love clip, video can be turned into a big movie.

Software introduction

AI clipping is the most powerful and powerful video editing software. It is also the first all-around free video editing software in China. It has been created by the AI clipping team for more than 6 years with more than 10 years of multimedia research and development capabilities. Love clip is a cool subversive editing products, completely new design according to the Chinese habits, aesthetic characteristics and functional requirements, many innovative features are quite creative, a precedent, called the most free video editing software China well, let your heart to want to become with the director of his life!

Love editing app

Software advantages

Easy and easy to operate

The most omnipotent so far

The top quality gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory

The running speed of the fully and delightfully

Special effects of the cinema class Hollywood

Professional style filter effect

Dazzling video switching effect

Fun karaoke function

Love clipping mobile version download

Software features

1. this is probably the most video clipping software that has been the largest video switching effect so far.

2. video clipping software is subverted, and the operation has never been so.

3. all can be born, and everything is possible.

4. high standard touch support, looking forward to the future, a start.

5. release talent, embrace dreams, and have a cooler life.

6. to the watermark, instant.

7. speed, fully and delightfully are gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory quality, pushed to the extreme.

8. kinds of audio and video formats with friends.

9. innovative: the Cara OK function of the endless fun is now more outstanding.

10. again and again: MTV subtitles special effect personality.

11. stable, able to party, a powerful and unconstrained style!

12. seconds to make a movie theater class of Hollywood characters.

13. as many as hundreds of professional style filter effects, make your film fun.

The colorful photo 14. cute, let all aspects.

15. superposition maps have never been such an appointment and much fun.

Love editing app

Functional introduction

1. everyone can easily become an excellent editor software is designed, you don’t even need a video clip, don’t need to understand the “time line” and “non” and other professional vocabulary, let all into the most intuitive way to restore the clip. More humane innovation highlights, less entangled complex interaction, more stable and efficient operation design, more outstanding picture quality and artistic effect, everything is WYSIWYG.

2. powerful function easy to use products also need incomparable: the most complete video and audio format support, the most realistic Hollywood text effects, most of the style effect, most of the transition effects, most of the Cara OK effect, MTV subtitle function most unusual, the most professional and photo frame, add texture and watermark… So many “most” natural born Almighty, be too numerous to enumerate, all possible.

3. fully and delightfully speed, stable quality, super gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory editing experience, from every detail of the pursuit of the perfect attitude. It took years for all the ultimate effect and hardware optimization, to bring high efficiency and low consumption, as the silky clip running experience. More commendable, and the top piece of picture quality to complement each other.

4. stunning special effects a superb collection of beautiful things, to facilitate your creation aspects, but also a key to easily reach. For example: a second to make the Hollywood theater level text effects (including sand, flame, ink effects etc.), easy to call hundreds of professional style effect (include a variety of dynamic or static effects and screen repair and adjustment programs), provides so far the most video switching effects (including high quality 3D and other senior professional switching effects), instantly making fun of Cara OK video and have as many as 16 kinds of global cool sing effects, no effort can produce stunning personality MV (including MTV lyrics subtitle synchronization function first and dynamic presentation of numerous subtitle effects), intuitive and efficient for video plus maps and have dozens of map animation, video applications for a variety of colorful picture frames to make it more vivid and charming, caring for video watermarking and watermark to all… Have more than the other, your video will become big sound and instant effects!

5. the perfect support of a wide range of video and audio formats, which makes you double the effort. High compatibility means that almost all video or audio formats can be imported and clipping freely. Moreover, the optimization of decoding for different formats also makes decoding speed, software stability and image quality better.

6. high standard touch support, looking forward to the future, the first step. Software can not only humanized interaction through mouse, but also make almost all system interaction elements redeveloped and designed to make your fingers easier to operate, so that software can be more easily used on touch devices and play the advantage of finger operation. High standards can be created to achieve great products.

Usage method

overlapping picture-within-a-picture effect

The picture is a kind of overlapping video screen to achieve double superposition of different sizes, the bottom of the video screen showing hazy feeling, while the upper video screen showed clear effect, so that we make the video more and more fashionable well-proportioned.

Love for the video clip to add “overlapping PIP” effect is very simple, only can operate according to the following steps:

“Art style” production function overlap picture-within-a-picture effect

In the main interface click on the screen style tab in the left column, select the “filters”, in the “filter” list double-click the overlapping picture in picture “, in the pop-up box to set the time period can be. On the right side of the screen style list, the size of the upper level video screen is set by the slide bar at the “size”.

Update log

1, bug repair ~

2, repair other problems and forced closure.

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