Live app review and download

App is a video and audio software, is a very simple operation of the live software. In the live app, you only need to take out your cell phone, and you can start live instantly, so that all users can watch it.

Software features

One button live. White can also operate, smooth and clear picture quality, with beauty, let showme is no longer the exclusive professional. The live broadcast of the call is a social video live application that covers iPhone and Android. It is associated with micro-blog WeChat account. Users can instantly start live broadcasting with the help of mobile phones, and all users can watch it.

The live broadcast of app can also be viewed by sharing friends circle, micro-blog and WeChat to invite friends to watch. In real sense, live broadcast, live broadcast, barrage interaction, play content and watching interaction are broadcast live. More content is displayed and reported in the quasi real time. From then on, the media is fully real-time.

Live call

Functional introduction

It is better to act at first sight than to be in love at first sight. Open 1 pairs of 1 private sowing, so that the distance is a little closer to a stranger.

[hot chat square] came all the family, it’s better to get up in the square, good friends add up.

[second speed live] real time interaction and gift – giving. Reflected in each customer can receive a gift of cash in real time, can make money live App! For a reward, please hug, meet.

[update] all the time, want to show. Take photos, take video, absolutely nice, let you show no burden, the stranger’s WeChat friend circle.

Accurate location and accurate screening. You don’t miss every crazy goddess of God.

Common problem

How to apply for direct seeding? The application process of the host

1. After the account number, click on the home page and enter the application page.

Live app Download

2. fill in the application information, wait for the application results

Live call

3. when the application is passed, click on the home page to “start live” and enter the live room.

4. when you choose a good live device, you can start live


1. Request for application:

1. all artists can only apply for one time in a week

2. please ensure that the information of the registration is true and effective

3. alternative to the assessment of the punishment: to cancel all the recommended resources in the room

Offline institutions, brokerage firms and other occupant (public to the public) need to provide the offline signing agreement between the agency and the anchor, and sign the “universal entertainment exclusive agreement” with our company.

 Two, frequency audit requirements:

1. recording time requirement: more than one minute

2. video submission requirements

3. videotaped video uploaded to Tencent, Iqiyi, Youku, potato and other video sites

4. the uploaded video URL copy link, fill in the audit data

5. video content requirements

Recording equipment must use camera equipment at normal time, no use of mobile phone, DV and so on

The content of the performance should be kept in line with the usual live broadcast

Turn off the video and roll the subtitles, other platform video LOGO, to remove the special effects in the virtual video

No open sound effect, music and other special sound modification

Please introduce yourself before the performance begins

Qualifying for better hall recommendation

Enjoy the exchange, support and reward of the gifts of the signers

Update log

1. increase the binding cell page to improve the security index

2. fix the bullet character problem and quickly find your barrage message

3. optimize the gift effect, look forward to the lucky you

4. optimizes the point of the style, one eye to see the popularity of the index

5. repair abnormality, easy to operate

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