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Every day P map is Tencent excellent map team following the shooting, the camera again after the charm of watermark heavy launch a versatile Mito artifact, the world’s first team since the research of face detection and facial features localization, the domestic first-class based on image processing technology, introduced the natural beauty, magic matting, makeup, starlight insanity mirror, spot virtual, intelligent depth and a number of innovative features.


  Every day P plans to officially announce Yang Yang’s daily P map! Every day P app a big wave of Yang Yang material come to you, the seventh Eve, Yang Yang took you to see more beautiful yourself!

  Nanjing red package special train coming, Xiao Ming students with ofo, daily P map robbing red packets. In the subway, the small student of the inexperienced and funny scholar studied red packets and red card cards in the subway. He also studied the psychological activities of QQ penguin with a magnifying glass. It’s very interesting.

Functional introduction

Photographs: simple and practical professional photo editing, special effects, virtual, intelligent light spot, mosaic, Xing Guangjing, everything

Portrait of beauty: a key to create exquisite beauty, wear skin, acne, thin face, thin and long legs

Story puzzle: the rich fashion puzzle template, exclusive intelligent watermark, spelling out your story mood

Natural beauty: super intelligent features accurate positioning, foundation, lipstick, blush, high light, eyebrow, nose Hair Coloring, P exquisite beauty.

Crazy change Makeup: makeup, makeup, Wu Mei Niang vampire panda makeup, smokey-eye make-up, not afraid not afraid you dare not crazy.

Figure P: exclusive magic magic matting! Easy matting, 023.Scene, 3D art effect, make magic P map fun

Taste: multi secret when sharing “is really not the same Oh” exclusive secret detonated circle of friends and space

Every day P chart is the Tencent excellent map team, after the success of the success of the video camera, the watermark camera, once again the launch of the American map God. The Tencent excellent map team has many core technologies in image processing, among which face detection technology ranks first in the FDDB world.

Use a tutorial

* 028

“My pupil’s passport photo” has been burning around the circle of friends, and everyone has been drying out their green look in their primary school. The young face is watching the camera shyness. The red scarf tied around the neck is back to memory more than ten years ago. But how does this document look weird? In fact, this is the use of every P maps produced “rejuvenescent” effect.

You can click on the position of the focus map P map page every day through, application support from the photos uploaded on their own, or directly through the camera shooting, in order to ensure the results keep the face alignment through the camera. It is necessary to choose the baby’s sex before crossing. After all, it is far away from the road, but do not make a mistake.

Daily P diagram app

Daily P Download

Well, do you think the little friends in the photo are like yourself? Every day P also provides a “gene exchange” service, and a change of hairstyle may have an unexpected effect. Every day P map by using face recognition technology provided by Tencent, the recognition rate is as high as 99.65%, even the face will not appear facial disordered.

Daily P diagram app

“Since my elementary school certificate as” a line, every day P downloads suddenly rushed to the App total list first, this feeling seems no matter how old is not denied. You don’t get back to your childhood in children’s day.

Update log

1.HalloweenInterface] P map interface during Halloween big change makeup, with you Halloween!

2 [material] Halloween, from now on, turned into a circle of friends have a Halloween protagonist, you belong to the cool Halloween funny face makeup.

3, [definition] the quality of the picture continues to rise, taking pictures, postprocessing photos, and jigsaw puzzle more clearly

4, [performance optimization] camera startup speed optimization

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