Faceu app review and download

Our Faceu app is a mobile phone camera image processing software, with the Faceu app you will be able to shoot our various and photos, sell adorable and funny, beauty casual fun, many stickers comes with our Faceu app to create more funny photos, love to share love funny love photography, it must use our Faceu app.

Functional introduction

Faceu, a picture of App

Take a snapshot and share it quickly.

The frustrated note read by a friend automatically disappears from the earth

Software features

We believe that for some time ago hot day “face adorable” still remember it, and now they’re lovely team with new play, which is today to bring you a special photo shoot and map chat App — Faceu, a very small fresh friends spoof class of small software, the it, you have one more to share the joy of the platform.


Before you start to contact this App, you may not feel so handy, because its operation logic is simple to you. After the registration of landing, you can add friends, and then enter the shooting interface. The first snap friends around the worst the most funny a picture is, by adding words, expressions, filters and so make the photo look more lively and funny, and then set the destruction time, optional time for 1 – 10 seconds, then click on the lower right corner of the paper airplane can choose friends to send photos, will fly to a a friend named Faceu. The friend can see the photo that you send by your name, and it’s very interesting when you set a good time.

Download our faceu

At this time someone will say that the destruction time is and the egg exists, but it is not. The application is detected all the time. Once a screenshot is found, your Faceu will notify you immediately. Of course, in turn, friends send photos to you and you screenshot, you go back to think of the result. Simple and interesting functions carry out the soul of the whole App, especially in a group of teasing friends. This application will stimulate more interesting functions. Let’s see the opening video of App.


In general, this application is a special black figure chat application, -10 1 seconds automatically delete photos, screenshots automatically remind function, as well as massive spoof stickers and make rubbing can also change the United States and the United States as light beauty tools, these are often very practical and interesting. 35 friends together or in the dormitory, classrooms are very effective to play funny interesting, you will not see a play.

The update log

“New smart beauty” function, fine tune five officials come
[new] video can be stored as a dynamic wallpaper.

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