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The United States took the mobile phone version of app is a micro film production software, Meitu Xiu Xiu, the United States took mobile phone version of the app subversion short video play! The world’s first MV special effect, the ordinary video a second to shock blockbusters.


  The short video community has added a new function to the “beautiful play”, which is “play”. It can choose the music background, record short videos and share it with friends through music effects and mouth play.“Play” to provide users with “magic in brain” and “acting competition”, “the rhythm of the party” three major themes of the material, including “shrink shake” and “the eight wave”, “freestyle”, “lovely song” hundreds of fashion fun music material. In the “play” short video shooting, and “normal fast fast third speed can be adjusted, to help users achieve different effects.

  “Beauty pat M program” was launched at the 3rd anniversary birthday meeting in the United States, and it is the first short video marketing service platform in China.“LaFang 66” SHUNFA Festival “as the first project to beat the United States M plan”, in the beauty shoot short video community, more than 8500 users to participate in the China local shampoo brand LaFang to create a holiday in marketing. The day before, LaFang and the United States jointly launched the “66 Film Festival” SHUNFA short video cover activities, with tens of millions of magnitude topic play number.

Beauty shot

  App offers the latest magic self portrait for the majority of fans. Beauty pat app you can also use magic self – expression when you live, but as the face moves together, one second becomes more than Q. App can send a magic self portrait to the live TA, and dress the TA as you like!

App is a video app with the function of a large video clip. It is necessary for us to shoot app, import multiple videos, support segmentation video and delete unwanted segments, adjust every video sequence arbitrarily, and add subtitles to the video cover separately. App super easy operation, let video play new patterns, 1 seconds change to edit the God of the great.

Functional introduction

* US map out, super fun short video community!

* subversion of the traditional video game, the ordinary video a second to shake big! Lead the new fashion of young fashion!

* more than 170 million users around the world are using it! Android mobile phone installation must be necessary!

Software features

Flash on earth are funny than the film in the United States flash

[ultra funny short video]

It is said that all the laughs have been contracted by this group of teases, and the joys of a teasing have no limits to the joy of life! A lot of laughter will be thinner.

[super playful star short video]

Do you want to see a different side of a star? Yes, it’s in beauty!!!

[the wonderful goddess of God]

Of course, the beauty is not the only standard. Eighteen Wu Yi is proficient in everything. The different male goddess (Classics) is in the US!

[super funny short video]

A pet and a lovely baby, funny joking, a heart attack, you can resist the temptation of the cure!

A second large flash video flash

It’s a subversive short video game! Smart clip video, with dozens of fine filters, let ordinary video 1 second change large, you are the director! There is an exclusive “photo film” function, so that the photos can be easily changed.

[the music has a powerful upgrade, UP!]

Music support search, millions of music library for you to choose ~

Shoot video side edge music fun, lip synching, release your interpretation of nature!

Two new filters, super beautiful! ]

Super self self timer – small forest, blues, you fall in love with video self timer!

Use a tutorial

add an expression to the picture?

(1) switch to photo mode, take a photo or introduce a photo.

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(2) on the photo editing page, click on the place where you want to add facial expression to the photo, or click the add expression button to enter the expression text add page.

Beauty shot

(3) choose an expression, and then enter the text. Don’t forget to click the recording button in the lower right corner and switch to the recording mode to record the voice.

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 How to shoot fast forward video?

1. upgrade the beauty pat to the latest version (above v1.8) and switch to 60 second shooting mode to shoot short video.

Beauty shot

2. after entering the special effect page, select “3X” and “6X” to speed up the video speed.

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Tips: when shooting a fixed cell phone, it will make the quick progress more fun.

Update log

Hours hot list, and popular anchor together interactive distance (????) (~????).
New world gifts, with a beloved anchors around the world, let everyone see the world banner!
New people open the treasure box, fun and exciting, everyone has great welfare.

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