Beauty camera App review and download

POCO beauty camera: POCO family has many applications, though many, but each targeted different, this is aimed at the beauty self timer of a camera application, so that the famous person in the background also followed a good one.

Functional introduction

[beauty fun]

Art Mosaic: the new brush strokes, the photo taste of one second!

Emotional wool glass: a big air field, deduce your arrogance and willfulness

Dynamic stickers: funny creative, adorable monkey can also send blessings, self wayward play

Fingertip Magic: the finger incarcerated, the fairy, that’s a beautiful point.

Meng Meng big head: ordinary photos second sound stickers

KISS Teaser: kiss the screen, leaving lipstick, sent to another company

Photo of the beauty

Real time filter: 11 filters, with your mood

Manual dimming: light skid screen, adjustable Zui flexible self timer

Night light: dark environment can also beautiful pictures

[beauty make-up]

Beauty factory: big eye high nose beam, thin out natural arc face, pull out perfect smile curve

Make-up: intelligent positioning five senses, one key Da set makeup, walking in the front of the tide Zui

DIY beauty: blush, lip color, eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyelash, beautiful pupil and other hundred items, mixed when the season is popular.

Material center: Punk tribe, retro prone, travel notes, sleepwalking fairyland, Bohemia… All Zui hot ICON, polymerized here!

[beauty stewardship]

Cloud Album: convenient cloud management, release cell phone memory, visit your photo album anytime and anywhere

software documentation

Beauty beauty camera and camera which good?

Only a little more than beauty beauty camera is good lift function is more accurate, compared with beauty, beauty of the camera is designed for the front camera, auto beauty photographed (including dermabrasion whitening face eyes to the black eye), P automatically if not satisfied, can be manually PS yourself, in general personally feel that the beauty of the camera, more convenient and more than more than 140 pounds of fat unless you need non beauty camera

Usage method

  How do you use the beauty camera?

  Makeup, this makes girls more beautiful skills, girls want to be proficient in the use of. However, if only just contact, may be in the face painting many times, and may not be able to quickly find their own make-up. In fact, you do not need to pick up the cosmetics every time to test, with the beauty camera with intelligent makeup function of self timer, do not have to draw face can easily try makeup.

  Take a camera with a beauty camera, click the small center in the lower right corner, and choose the first “make-up” function.

Beauty camera

  Adjust the fixed-point. The three identification icons that move the eyes and the mouth make it more accurate to make the beauty camera more intelligent. Finally, click “OK” and go back to the make-up page.

POCO beauty camera Download

  By clicking on all the make-up, you can try the beauty camera for the different styles of makeup you have designed. There is a fine tune in the lower right corner to adjust the position and size of the material for the make-up, so as to achieve the effect you want most.

Beauty camera

POCO beauty camera Download

Beauty camera

  Just a few simple steps, you can not use the tedious makeup and make-up to test, you can simply find the suit for your makeup. Try the smart make-up of the beauty camera.

Software features

[beauty] custom: custom shape intelligent beauty, thin face, big eyes, eye and pouch, for you to customize the perfect face: “open the lens, setting the custom shape”

[] interface interface customization support custom color: home right slide, stamp theme “skin” has exclusive beauty color

[map] beauty beauty beauty + dermabrasion, photo frame, stickers makeup filters, your favorite functions are concentrated a: “home pull into the selected image slices”

[dynamic] stickers face tracking small video, Meng stickers, circle of friends is your adorable master!

[picture] upgrade quality upgrade, HD beauty can show your good

[information zone] self timer, changing beauty and training courses, activities… On the road to beauty, beauty always accompany you!

Update log

A new community BeautyClub, a home drop, and a new view of your aesthetics with the world.
Dynamic sticker 3D expression material, come to a different AR sticker self timer.
Video support clip music! You’re in a good mood.

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