CAD fast graphics software app review and download

CAD quick look: this software can quickly open the CAD drawings, very convenient, and easy to use it easily.

Software introduction

CAD quick pictures by the glodon software Limited by Share Ltd launched, is currently on the market most quickly view the CAD drawings of the mobile tools, is the first to support it directly open the construction drawings of mobile terminal products. The drawings are full (including the layout and filling patterns). The software provides visual viewing and marking functions. Users can send the drawings to the equipment by copying files, mail transmission and other file transmission methods, which can be used off-line on site. This application can effectively reduce the huge burden of paper drawings, carry convenient, fast annotation, environmental protection and convenient!

Software features

Start speed 1 speed – lightning, open the CAD drawing quick step

2, comprehensive, complete display layout, filling pattern and automatic matching of all fonts is garbled

3, high end – the CAD picture product of Tian Zheng building, Tian Zheng water supply and drainage, Tian Zheng HVAC and Tian Zheng electric

4, technology — built-in cloud disk function, easy sharing of CAD drawings and annotations

5, service – professional team for you to provide instant CAD picture service, let you have no worries about

6, function – one – key full screen, random annotation, photographic recording… What do you think about what you want to see?

7, tool – accurate capture, distance size as required

Use a tutorial

When the software is opened, the main interface is presented directly. The right to gently draw, a menu, can register, login, view personal information and feedback etc.. But after I registered, I found that there was only one function, that is to shake the shake to get the integral. The score seems useless now, but it looks much better if it looks like it can exchange good things later.

CAD fast drawing software

CAD fast picture mobile version download

Now let’s talk about the main interface. There is a local button on the upper right-hand corner. If you click, you will have a memory card list in your cell phone. You can manually open your own folder to store the drawings to see the drawings.

CAD fast drawing software

Click the memory card, come out of the folder in the memory card, you can find the blueprint folder.

CAD fast picture mobile version download

There is a hollow star in the back of the folder, which can be collected. It can be very convenient to find this folder next time.

After clicking on the “magnifying glass” in the upper right corner, there will be a lookup interface. As long as you remember a part of the name of the drawing, you can find out.

CAD fast drawing software

In addition to say is, if what keywords do not fill, directly click on the back button to find, the software will automatically search all the DWG format drawings of the mobile phone, then the list displayed, because there is no drawings of my mobile phone, so it have not found out what.

I opened a blueprint for the software — sample drawings. After opening, the full screen display of the drawings, with double fingers can easily magnify and narrow the drawings, the operation is very smooth.

Click the menu key in the upper right corner and come out with a menu that contains 4 functions.

CAD fast picture mobile version download

CAD fast drawing software

The first is the screen switching, everyone knows, needless to say, note that the software shield gravity induction automatic switching, only manual switch.

The second is the full picture, the function is after you enlarge the drawing, point it, and automatically reduce the drawing, restore to the preview mode. This function is very useful. When there are several separate structure drawings on the drawing, it is convenient to find the desired structure.

The third is the hidden annotation, the role is to hide the notes, text, inserted photos, or recordings on the drawings. A little more, and you can show it.

The fourth is to delete annotations, you can delete all the notes on the drawings by one button.

Update log

1. Cloud disk projects can increase project members

2, cloud disk drawing adds annotation sharing function

3. Increase the fast sign on way of SMS authentication code

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