Beautiful makeup camera App review and download

Beauty is a camera developed by Mito’s super beauty camera artifact, a beauty camera you just need to take a picture, the other to it, can provide a key to all kinds of clothing dress, fashion, fun and funny, in very good use of a camera application.


Recently, the world’s largest fashion magazine “fashion COSMO” and other beauty camera to east a cross-border marketing, making use of AR technology to solve the beauty of the girl’s pain points, the line of creative linkage opened a new play cosmetics marketing.

Beautiful makeup camera

The soft texture of the yarn bowknot, matte texture PINKPOWER fantasy Lip Glaze, create aesthetic atmosphere of pink mist…… The special effects of AR launched by fashion COSMO and beauty makeup camera, the whole shape is sweet, the dream fashion COSMO can enrich the way of interaction with users, and is different from traditional reading and communication. Nowadays, with AR technology, readers fans can immediately put themselves in the cover and walk into magazines.

Free download camera

  Beautiful makeup camera x Yin and yang to give you a chance of a cosplay, only one second, the whole people cos Yin and Yang teachers let your friend circle into the Yin and Yang squatter!

Beautiful makeup camera

Functional introduction

* vegetarian self timer *

One second has natural beauty! Foundation, blush, eye makeup, lip gloss, bronzing can instantly automatically fix, let your makeup can take a good look! The new tooth whitening function can let you show your bright smile with your heart!

* fashion makeup *

The most natural fashion makeup! Follow the fashion trends, makeup, star nude make-up makeup, makeup, Japanese demon God makeup makeup, let you instantly have supernatural beauty effect.

* Funny make-up *

No, you just play! Here are the white makeup, makeup and other funny funny than makeup, many face recognition technology, a roll of fun, but also a second matchmaker, instant crayon, super fun oh!

* trial makeup *

A hundred changes make-up for you to choose! Beautiful makeup camera dozens of exquisite fashion makeup, whether you want sweet wind, sexy wind, OL wind, can easily transform no pressure Oh! The “material center” also regularly updates the current most popular makeup, so that you keep up with the trend of the seasonal trend makeup!

* make up night.

Super high night makeup function! Automatic light, photo instantaneous noise reduction on makeup, dark environment can also easily make a perfect make-up!

* leading technology *

Stereo make-up is perfect. The beautiful makeup camera uses the international top face recognition technology, through the 3D precise positioning of the five features, let your fashion makeup more three-dimensional, more fit, more natural!

* US makeup secret *

Teach you fine makeup in minutes! The beautiful makeup secret brings together the super professional beauty makeup artist, sharing the more practical beauty and makeup small skills, regular updates, simple and practical, a look will be oh!

Use a tutorial

Halloween is a western festival, this day, everyone will be dressed as demons and ghosts street party. Beauty camera recently launched a series of Halloween makeup, upload a picture, just a second, you can have a personality, and supernatural makeup. Halloween ghosts.

1. first, open the beauty camera material center, download the Halloween makeup theme makeup.

Free download camera

2. you will find at least 6 kinds of Halloween makeup, including a circus, a scarecrow, a false face, a black queen, and a vampire.

Beautiful makeup camera

3. next, click “immediately use” material, self – timer, or choose the photographed self photographed, can be smart for a second.

4. finally, choose a picture of the Halloween make-up that you are satisfied with, and share it with a good friend and wait for it.

Free download camera

The beauty of the camera can, on Halloween night was “Zhuangshennonggui”! Look together, buddies use beauty camera Halloween makeup is cool!

Beautiful makeup camera

Update log

1. beauty effect and upgrade, to create beautiful skin luster! &nbsp “normal;” / > 3. interface design and optimization, give you more relaxed poses!

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