Expression factory app app review and download

There are times when the expression factory can’t understand the birth of something, even if line says the expression is crazy, the individual is just doubtful. Which sb will spend money to buy those expressions. It turns out that the little editor’s understanding is wrong, and some people want to buy anything from the local tyrant. I can’t understand the world in age.

Functional introduction

The Meitu Xiu Xiu team is another masterpiece – WeChat must face making artifact!

– 48 hours online topped the App Store free list champion, rave reviews!!

Make a picture of a second to make fun of the WeChat expression! Mom doesn’t have to worry that I don’t have a WeChat look!

The expression factory is definitely your emotions and spoof friends, essential artifact home chat!

The expression factory — the WeChat expression of the artifact

Software features

[dynamic expression]

One second will turn the picture into a dynamic expression, the special domestic facial expression designer made, the massive smile expression lets you choose!

A key to WeChat chat friends, let you cool earthshaking!

[expression album]

The expression made in an emoticons factory will be kept here. I hear that 96% of people make silly laughter when they look through the album.

Small secret: add the expression factory to the WeChat plug-in, when chatting, you can directly open the expression album to send the expression!

What makes the 14 year old boy holding a WeChat ha ha laugh last!

What makes the 21 year old girl to give up treatment, to talk to WeChat!

Be Dangdang!!! The answer is – [expression factory]!!!

Usage method

First we first search the expression factory in the application store and download it.

Expression factory

After downloading, open the expression factory and you can see such an interface, and then we choose a dynamic expression.

Expression factory

In the dynamic expression, we enter such a photo interface, we can choose to take pictures and choose the photos in the library.

Expression factory downloading

I chose a picture of the director of the curator

Expression factory

Then the curator’s eyes are aligned with the double cross logo in the picture, and click the underneath to enter the next editing interface.

Expression factory

Then we can choose a variety of dynamic expressions

Expression factory downloading

Expression factory

After clicking, you can send it to a QQ friend or send it to a WeChat friend. I hope this experience will help you.

Expression factory

Update log

8 new expressions are added.

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