Play with graph app review and download

Play GIF, see the name, you know that it should be from a play application, this software feels pretty good, you can take some GIF dynamic diagrams, but strictly speaking, it should be a video to GIF tool, very good. Play chart artifact P – universal mobile phone, 50 million user choice, based not only powerful, but also make it, PIP and other innovative features.

Software features


More than a hundred stickers, cheap, lovely, goddess, street pat, women, fresh and so a lot of style can be selected. Intelligent facial expression sticker, automatic face recognition.

Beauty camera []

Can be a key beauty camera. Just press the shutter, thin face, acne, whitening, go to the eye bag. With the regulation and control of natural beauty effect, make you a white Formica.

[classic jigsaw]

In the multi weapon lost, square, rectangular, round, white, mosaic puzzle style 100+!

“Spelled” the magazine wind puzzle]

The poster blockbuster effect, the smart match of the weather, the place, is displayed in a beautiful style in the photo.

[effects] “PIP”

The creative effects that you’ve never seen before are popular in the 40 countries of the world. Soleļ¼ In a moment, we make a perfect picture of a picture.

[high definition beautification]

Integrating all the basic functions, besides the omnipotent and powerful, filters, light and shadow, cutting, rotation, scene, photo frame, fluorescent pen, watermark, virtual and other basic functions are available.

[material library]

The weekly update with the tide, massive material can be downloaded online, including pip, lighting, photo frames, jigsaw background.

Use a tutorial

The first step: open the map, click the puzzle

Play chart

Second step: select the picture to edit, click the next step

Play graph omnipotent beautification download 2016

The third step: click finish good stitching

Play chart

Fourth step: then click Share and save to complete

Play graph omnipotent beautification download 2016

Update log

1, beauty effect optimization

2. optimal experience

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