Second beat video app review and download

Seconds to shoot app is a short video sharing software. You can share and edit your short videos directly through the second time of app, and make your happy and novelty content very personal. In addition, there are a lot of interesting content in it.


  In October 11th, the second quarter released the September short video industry series monthly list, including the six list of original author list, billboard, influence list, food list, fashion list and MCN agency list. The statistical cycle of the list is from August 29, 2017 to September 28, 2017, with video playback as a measure.The short video accounts of news and information are very good, and the “new Beijing News News” first entered the first five of the original list.

Information and knowledge acquisition are just needed, and news short video has a centralized outbreak.

In the original list, the “Beijing News News” ranking up to fifth, which is also the best ranking of the news and information short video accounts. The same trend is also reflected in the billboard, “video”, “Knews news” and “surging news”, “CCTV news” occupy the billboard top four, plus sixth ranked “Beijing US video” and “video news time”, a short video exclusive account half of the country billboard.

  Recently, the second “wanton Summer Theme successfully concluded, during the event topic video playing a total amount of up to 2 billion 371 million, micro-blog # summer # presumptuous related topic reading reached 700 million, the topic of discussion was 564 thousand.

Second beat video

Functional introduction

The small cafe channel is a heavy attack, and all the stars and high people are all in the second.

Star exclusive small video, second beat star private side!

The movie blockbuster special effect, the ordinary video one key changes the body to see the sensation!

Dynamic film, video and video, easy to make fashion MV music!

Second beat, not just a fun shooting tool, it’s a fun short video community, and here you can see:

On the daily side of the star Grand Cafe, the handpicked content of the shakes, the cure Department of the goddess, the Han entertainment and so on!

Software features

[hot channel] everyone is the protagonist, want to quickly add hot topic # I want on the hot # contribute to us!

[funny Channel] laugh a little bit of caution, eat carefully when you eat, your lacrimal gland is not developed again, to beat the funny channel in seconds will also make you cry!

[] Korean entertainment channel to create the most cutting-edge fans, the latest travel, Obama goddesses daily dynamic attention, Second Korean entertainment will miss you don’t have to worry about what the goddess obama!

[goddess Channel] they are beautiful but not vases. They are said to have talent. They are confident that they will play the goddess (Classics). They are all here!

[selling Meng Channel] there are budding and budding, good germination and germination… All kinds of cure, fast to the second!

“Star channel” star on the big side of the side please walk away to see their private small daily video bar ~ hear that TFBOYS, Gloria Tang are in seconds!

[main functions]

[music camera] new small coffee show new play to the mouth, see no addiction? That’s a bit of it.

“Video import” support the mobile album video introduction of second beat, one key to create a fashion blockbuster effect.

“Fashion soundtrack” selected various styles of background music, with your exclusive MV video.

“Scene filter” professional video filter, let the beauty beauty instant lift.

[MV] TFboys and popular theme with the box, and Gloria Tang fit, birthday together with Luhan, come with your favorite star interactive distance.

Use a tutorial

Open the second beat and select the center camera button.


Second beat video download

Select the locality here, then select the photo (if you don’t need to make the video, you can directly press the screen to shoot anywhere, and the following steps are basically the same).


Second beat video

Here you choose to add a picture of the video, select the tick, and then press the above.


Second beat video download

Waiting for the transcoding of the photo, you can also add a filter here, and then press the above.


Second beat video

The transcoding is completed, where the preview video, the theme, and so on are added, and there is no problem to press the above release.


Second beat video download

Enter the video description, and then choose whether to share it with micro-blog, and then release,

Second beat video

Update log

1. optimization video list loading style;
3. bug repair products, improve the user experience;

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