IN my life in app review and download

IN (my life in) is among the most popular female users Mito Mito social software, super powerful, filters, labels, stickers, and other big cool gameplay, stunning photos let multitude! And you may encounter like-minded Ta. It’s absolutely the necessary mobile phone software for self portraits and photographing people.

Functional introduction

The most popular mus artifact of the year, the most popular American map community!

The sole big head, the mass sticker, easy to let you burst the value of the watch!

Professional filter, fashion label, one key to create your fashion blockbuster!

The outfit are idle away in seeking pleasure, to share the wonderful life and never trendsetter!

[super sprout]

The unique big head function allows you to make friends in minutes.

Every time and anywhere, take photos of yourself and friends and change the ratio!

[sprout sticker]

Thousands of original stickers make your photos amazing.

Give you the perfect presentation of all your emotions and what you want to say!

[omnipotent camera]

Fashion labels, record your life,

Delicacy, beauty, a variety of filters, take your normal photography!

[private chat]

Find someone as special as you,

Chat and make friends, only one can see each other!

[hot topic]

Adopt and respond to topics and look for topics.

Let the same interest with you to meet xiangjianhenwan Ta!

[life in]

Both travel and food are recorded in photos,

A lot of photography, match the people… The beautiful!

[friendship hints]

Remember the Sina micro-blog search “in official micro-blog” for attention,

Find more flavored photos!

Use a tutorial

 How do I use my life IN?

One, download my life IN app and install it

Two. After installation, start by clicking on the software icon on the desktop to open the software

IN my life in

Three, after opening to the home page, you can see the most popular dynamic information, but also you can see the latest developments of your close friends.

My life in download

Four, into the square page, that is, to see the square page of the latest popular list and topic.

IN my life in

Five, entering the message page, you can see the record of chat with other people, system message and so on.

My life in download

Six, enter my page, you can understand some of the personal information.

IN my life in

Seven, click the photo page, you can choose a picture or take a picture to record your life.

My life in download

IN my life in

Update log

1, “face lie” mysterious internal test: new functions, more barrage assists, let you find fun in the fun of people

2, in: 3rd anniversary party welfare society various beauty, exquisite material more benefits waiting for you to get to

3, UI brand new upgrade: in mascot into the product style, the visual effect is more lively and interesting!

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