Picture synthesizer app review and download

      picture synthesizer: a picture synthetic mobile software. Through the photo synthesizer, you can easily merge two pictures together. The pictures that are merged are quite beautiful. Some friends who want to edit pictures can have a try.

Functional introduction

Picture two picture – synthesizer, N kind of interesting gameplay!

Built by the POCO camera team, the first picture synthesizer in China APP, play 2 pictures superimposition, take you to create a different work!

Double exposure, from then on to become simple and interesting!

Software features

Tick “magic magic sky” in ordinary days, photo 17 days haze sky, blue sky and white clouds, the stars and all the wonders of the sunrise… ;

Your most fan “text” synthesis of gameplay upgrades! Let you open your personality!

Your all-match preferred “heart with” synthesis, fantasy, art, western style, there is always a become your favorite.

Your ultimate movie sense “personality light effect”, the other side is blurred, release your ethereal cold beautiful;

Your fingertips “summer autumn”, revealed the seasons of information;

When there are N number of interesting ways, sweet “photo”, the sudden “monster invasion”, such as in Wonderland “mirage”, full of memories of me and my little time”… Constantly renewing…

There is no suitable photo album in the future? We have also prepared a test for you!

Update log

1. a new style of material center, both beautiful and good use!

2. home new recommended Tagmemic play, so you do not miss every play

3. optimization of the known picture quality and flashback problems

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