American Cafe camera App app review and download

The beautiful coffee camera is a camera APP specially designed for self timer. If you want to see the way you dress differently, you can use this APP, big eyes, beautiful makeup, bright eyes and so on, just like a small PS. It is also very convenient to use. For friends who love self timer, do not miss it.

Functional introduction

The beauty of coffee camera, intelligent beauty camera can makeup!

The whitening, tender skin, thin face, self beauty fix step;

The high nose, big eyes, brisk delicate facial features easily adjustable;

The night Star makeup, makeup, lip. A second, adorable to change;

“Bob, princess head, the first explosion, a second try out, no longer have a perm;

Long eyelashes, eye shadow, cosmetic contact lenses, lipstick..DIY exclusive my makeup;

The cartoon puzzles, &#8943 puzzles magazine; colorful template super love.

American Cafe camera

Software features

[super] self beauty, the skin becomes smooth and white. Shaped, the face became more than perfect. Self fusion automatic beauty, shaping function, let you shine all boast
[photo beautification] the super strong photos are fully experienced later. Beauty, shaping, I think how to adjust on how to adjust
[glamour] charm night shop makeup, fresh student makeup, temperament workplace makeup, fashion star make-up. Change makeup, one button click, want to change to change
Beautiful pupil, eye shadow, blush, eyelash, eye line, lipstick   rich template, DIY out of fashion personality of you
[riotous puzzle] cartoon puzzle, magazine puzzle, personality puzzle and simple puzzle. Super cute template, spell out girl’s favorite
Just wait for the God, download and experience the great artifact

Android version of the American Cafe camera

Usage method

Open the app in the mobile phone

American Cafe camera

Go to the main page of the American Cafe camera and click the beautiful self timer in the interface

Android version of the American Cafe camera

The first opening will allow you to rectify the camera and click start to correct

American Cafe camera

Whether the current direction is right or not, if correct, click OK

Android version of the American Cafe camera

Enter the default shooting interface

American Cafe camera

You can click on the settings button on the shooting interface and set up some settings before shooting, such as

1) whether to delay 3 seconds to shoot, so that you have a preparation

2) whether to touch the screen

3) mute photo

Android version of the American Cafe camera

When you set it up, go into the picture state and start shooting

American Cafe camera

After satisfying, click the tick button, and the effect will be automatically saved to the catalog of the cafe camera. Of course, you can also choose to share in the beautiful coffee camera community.

Android version of the American Cafe camera

Update log

The full line of the American Cafe camera is upgraded to the pepper camera

Give you a good experience

We are trying to match the beauty of you

[natural beauty] 1 fine perfect radian, refuse excessive PS

[sprout MV] super music, appearance and background music

The graduation season must be graduated, and see who you are ten years later, is the sticker company CEO or the goddess of the people?

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Also used as an epidermal anaesthetic

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