Poster factory app review and download

The poster factory is a picture processing software produced by Meitu Xiu Xiu a poster style, a relatively simple puzzle artifact, in fact, the fight is the material.

Functional introduction

* * * * introducing the “simplicity” classification to make the interpretation simple.

[Meitu Xiu Xiu] * * * moistest poster puzzle artifact!

* * * poster factory, make your photos instantly tall!

With magazine covers, film posters, food menus, travel logs and other most tidal poster elements, one second to create visual blockbusters!

Hundreds of fine material, whether you are fashion model, European and American wind, or literature and art, there is always one suitable for you.

Built in the beauty chart quality special effect, perfect create visual blockbuster;

Intelligent recognition of time, weather, temperature and other real-time information, so that the beauty of the poster in every moment!

Software features

[magazine cover]

You choose the cover of a lot of magazine covers, you will always be the focus of the tide!

[Movie Poster]

Extreme visual effect, create your exclusive movie blockbuster!

[food menu]

Record the delicious taste on the tip of the tongue and share your own private menu!

[travel log]

Use the poster to treasure the most unique travel memories.

Usage method

Run the installed poster factory on the phone and click [start]

Poster factory

This is the interface of the phone with a photo folder into a folder to select a picture for a picture.

No more than five pictures were selected.


The poster factory downloads the mobile phone

Select a style posters style and click Save / share


Poster factory

Save the success and save it to the album. You can share the pictures you’ve just handled here to share the WeChat circle, the WeChat friend, the QQ friend, the micro-blog and so on.

The poster factory downloads the mobile phone

The saved picture group is under the /DS/DCIM/Camera folder. There is a need to look for it and see the picture.

Common problem

 How to protect the privacy of the account number?

When you register the US account, we will collect the information you can provide to identify your identity, including your account name, mobile phone number and so on. All account privacy information is used to improve the service, and we do not provide any personal information to third parties.

  Can there be a number of us map accounts?

At present, a mobile phone number can only be registered or bound with a map account. It is recommended that you choose a common account to bind your phone number, ID card or third party account number (such as QQ, WeChat, micro-blog), so that you can login safely to the US account.

How to manage my account, the map account management system can be opened in the right top corner of the official website of the official website. The module is mainly used to modify or bind the mobile phone number and the three party account, so as to ensure user account security.

 How to retrieve or reset the password?

Mito account password for authentication and reset the password two, security verification: 1. as your security tools can be used normally, to retrieve the password through the security tools; 2. if your security tool is not available for normal use, recommend that you submit complaints after the success of artificial appeal, can modify the password according to the prompt.

  What are the benefits of using the US account number?

The US chart account is the exclusive account of all the services you use in the United States. Log in to the United States map account to all products of the United States, to understand and contact new and old friends, to obtain more exclusive customization experience! No u. S. account number? Let’s register one quickly.

Update log

Perfect fit full screen mobile phone!
Meitu Xiu Xiu! The most tidal poster making the artifact!
The poster factory, the photos are in a big moment!

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