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Watching the racket is a mobile phone video capture software, applied to shoot a short video of the most fun, with pictures of various classic plot and featured a script provided by the template, allowing you to create a unique micro film, so that you become a second foot director, director of addiction, record life, shoot short video features a variety of fun and creative pictures can help you achieve.

Functional introduction

As the first Chinese mobile DIY TV station (kPie), the gene is from the international famous TV + lT.

It’s a APP that focuses on the micro – screenplay, aimed at Co – making or editing a video with a friend and a red person.

Complete each with stars, plays, directing in dream, jointly create temperature, has a story, a short video platform for the exchange of interest.

You can see through the beat of creativity, willful shooting pieces of content are spliced clips, easy to complete with the star, name card, CO directing work;

It can also imitate all kinds of exquisite scripts, cover stories, paragraph, and scene, and inspire millions of netizens to join.

All kinds of all kinds of show, arbitrary appointment for you!

In order to test star edge you how good, just a shot, and the star hit it off!

Video stitching fun, let you play all kinds of classic plot; select script template, can take a variety of micro film, a second director!!

Software features

 Functional highlights

Script: selected plays, easy replacement, play unlimited creativity!

Splice: shake a shake, and a big currant video, round your dream.

Creation: the super convenient and timely creation, let you splice the video capricious, record the wonderful moment of life!

Video content

Original: play the script, the original content combination splicing, you can also become the protagonist!

Harmony: Creative splicing, it is your endless vitality and creativity.

Short film: focus on 3 minute short film, push to understand your video program.

The draft is stored at any time, take out the continued pat, capture every wonderful moment.

[high definition painting]

Perfect proportion, use super small flow to show good picture quality, at the same time don’t worry about the flow.

Screenplay – selected plays, easy replacement, play unlimited creativity!

Film and television splicing – shake a shake, and big cafe video, round your actor dream!

Big creation – the most convenient large piece of creation, let you splice the video capricious, record the wonderful moment of life!

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Original – shooting material at anytime and anywhere, creating big movies, you can also become the leading role!

It is your endless vitality and creativity.

Short film – focus on 3 – minute short film, pushing the most understanding of your video.

software evaluation

At present, the popularity of the mobile Internet and the improvement of broadband and video technology provide a solid technical basis for the outbreak of short video.

At the same time, with the emergence of a large number of new APP platforms such as kPie, there is a stronger demand for more personality and quality content.

And with the fragmentation of time, the grassroots of the network group, the diversity of content, fast food and so on,

Internet users are becoming more and more demanding for interactive, open, entertaining and such a personalized experience.

And the appearance of kPie is to provide a self – dominated and self – actualization platform for the network grass root culture.

At the same time, it also provides an original, professional and dream – making network film and television sharing hall for the vast audience of film and television production.

Watching the racket

Update log

1. new activity sharing functions;

2. new video sharing functions.

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