Happy app review and download Lofter mobile phone version

Happy is the NetEase’s Lofter mobile phone version of a literary fashion pictures dating APP, the music Lofter app selected domestic and foreign high-quality content, more than 30 million trendsetter are playing, adding music Lofter mobile phone version of instagram Master ready access to information.

Whether you like photography, traveling, gourmet, makeup, wear, or pet, stationery, hand account, or American drama, British drama, two times with the humanities, or beauty private house, handsome meat, can be in.Lofter mobile phone version of the musicHere’s a friend to talk to.

Software introduction

NetEase is a NetEase of LOFTER’s “let the interest more interesting” social APP, music Lofter mobile phone version selection of domestic and foreign high-quality content, INS users are playing, to obtain instagram Master information at any time.

If you are a photographer, music Lofter mobile phone version of the film, portraits, still lifes, black and white, minimalist, mobile phone photography tags for you to exchange experience;

If you are traveling a music Lofter mobile phone version of Japan, Britain, Italy, the United States, France, Greece and other parts of the world tourism Master invites you to go together;

If you are a movie goers, music in the Lofter mobile phone version of here can discuss optional day in mind, the name of the people, to marry big battle, ghost in the shell, Cherie, love you, save the volunteers, surgery and other popular memory master situation plot;

If you are in the music fans, Lofter mobile phone version here you can find the same love TFBoys, Li Yifeng, EXO, Ren Jialun, William Chan, Zhang Yixing, Lu Han, Liu Yifei, Yang Yang, SNH48 and Li Dakang GDP, Secretary to guard you;

If you are two dimensional lovers, full-time Master, onmyoji, marvel DC, young Jinyiwei little brother and sister are waiting for you to lick the screen, music Lofter mobile phone version and more exquisite graphic COS fan works;

If you are music lovers, music in the Lofter version of the mobile phone where you can share your love songs whenever and wherever possible, find the same love Joker, Li Jian, Hua Chenyu, Gloria Tang, in May the day they!

Lofter mobile phone version of the music Lofter music download

Software highlights

In the Lofter app to play music, stickers, label, chat topic, and expert friends whenever and wherever possible.

Chinese version Instagram, high definition big picture, more interesting than knowing, bean and nice.

* the most artistic filter, the shoulder vsco, one button to make the photo beautiful effortless.

* the exclusive sticker for the famous illustrator, only in LOFTER

* it’s an interesting thing to label

The seemingly simple labels have their own expressions and feelings.

* music printing

Favorite photos, the best time, high quality LOMO card, photo, T – shirt

* welfare bazaar

Check in to do the task to get the welfare money, and buy the selected private property at a lower price.

Download LOFTER and make life interesting.

Lofter mobile phone version of the music Lofter music download

Functional introduction

* 030

Blog import – export – convenient to import data from other blog platforms to LOFTER.

Automatic synchronization – convenient synchronization of your content to Sina micro-blog, QQ space and other social networks, can also be shared with WeChat, easy letter chat and friends circle.

High quality picture — using lossless image compression technology, upload pictures and keep high-quality details. When your cell phone is in WIFI network, it will load all HD pictures automatically.

The independent domain name – LOFTER personal home page, can customize the two level domain name based on LOFTER.com, and can also bind its own independent domain name.

* 036

Recommendation algorithms – recommend more people and content that you are interested in using your preference, attention, and label usage.

Wonderful topic — anyone can initiate and participate in topics, find interesting people in collecting works, and participate in interesting stickers on the client side.

* 040

The lightweight mobile LOFTER, through the iPhone, iPad version and Android client, experience LOFTER’s fast, beautiful and interesting, providing many kinds of hottest stickers nowadays, so that you can enjoy your photo sharing, and you can also see nearby people at the mobile terminal.

Find nearby enthusiasts — by positioning the mobile terminal function, found near the interesting people.

The unique sticker provides rich, interesting and limited stickers, and participates in the topic of sticker theme, making mobile photography more interesting and fun.

LOFTER – record life, find friends.

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