Aviary photo editor app review and download

Aviary photo editor sees that these pictures processing software abroad, we have to say, to a certain extent, the domestic is not very good. Aviary contains a lot of functions, and operation is also clear at a glance, very good.

Functional introduction

Because of the quick and easy way to easily edit photos at any time, we set up a Aviary photo editor with a powerful feature.
All the tools you need are included in the super intuitive interface, so that you can edit it instantly.

Software features

Tapping automatic strengthening
12 kinds of free photo effect
An interesting sticker
Color balance control
Cutting and rotation
Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation
Edge sharpening and blurring
Drawing and new words
Build your own “memes”
Make-up tools: correcting eyebrows, eliminating scars and whitening teeth
Additional functions:
Can buy the effect set! (we provide 12 effects free of charge, if you want more effect, you can add. )
High resolution output
Trailing function Toolkit
Scroll through the cover photo in the main picture to check your recent photo

Update log

Grand launch: discovery!

– go to our new “discovery” block to explore a well planned Aviary series of beautiful pictures

– watch the editorial program in order to find out what tools and creations are used

– correction of a number of errors

If you like to use Aviary, please take a minute to write a good comment. It’s really helpful!

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