App review and download Bimei camera

Bimei app camera is a camera application, provides a simple interface and more powerful than the other camera application functions. Bimei camera App to make you can easily take good photos.

Software features

Every time a perfect picture is taken and sent to a friend immediately. With the unique instant filters, than let you look out of the ordinary!

Shoot the perfect picture, make the puzzle, add the beautiful text, and share it with your friends immediately!

Functional introduction

1, sliding and beautiful filter:

Slipping can change an extraordinary filter! Using a filter before or after shooting is entirely up to you. Slide up and down to adjust the intensity of the filter.

2. Real time jigsaw puzzle:

Create real time picture jigsaw puzzle, enjoy the unique split photo fun!

3, automatic mode gives you the best self photo:

The camera will shoot in automatic mode with no visible movement. So long as you ready posture, waiting Bimei camera automatically for you.

4, excellent super zoom:

The use of super zoom allows the picture to have the best depth of field.

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