DMD panoramic shooting app review and download

DMD panoramic shooting: a mobile phone photography software, through which it can automatically capture the system, help you instantly create and share panoramic pictures, very convenient and fast.

Functional introduction

DMD panoramic photography (DerManDar (DMD) Panorama) is currently one of the fastest panoramic shooting applications. Photo stitching and 360 degree shooting takes only 20 seconds. The interface of DMD Panorama is very simple, and you can easily splice the panoramic photos. There are many applications of panoramic cameras on various platforms, but there are no second such platforms as DMD Pano, which can span three platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and can maintain high-quality panoramic cameras.

Software features

1, full automatic capture system;

2, rapid seamless stitching, instant effect;

3. Complete exposure control;

4, immersive 3D stereoscopic browsing, light pinch or double click zoom, automatic play;

5, 360 degree panoramic view;

6. Local galleries;

7, the network Gallery, ornamental thousands of panoramic photos;

8, “nearby” Gallery, watching the panoramic image near your position;

9, save panoramic photos on the equipment without registration.

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