Seek Thermal app app review and download

The seek thermal Android version is a very interesting picture editor, app. Seek Thermal app can be divided into different colors by heat according to the thermal sensing concept. It is very fun!

Software introduction

Seek thermal thermal imaging mobile phone accessories Android mobile app, using Seek Thermals, you need to download a dedicated camera application in the mobile phone. Through special accessories, the mobile phone can also be thermosensitive. The seek thermal XR thermal imaging lens can turn the heat into the visible image, and it can be seen as far as 610M. It can be used for hunting, parking safety monitoring, checking the safety of household appliances, the problems of windows, walls and ceilings.

Seek Thermal app Seek thermal Android Download

Software features

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The best way to find heat is experience and imaginary energy, and at the same time, in the work, indoors or outdoors. This free application and the search for thermal imaging cameras can quickly and accurately detect, check, measure, imagine thermal energy from your smartphone and tablet.

Functional introduction

Turn your cell phone into a carnivorous visual connection & convenient for testing

Capture and easily share, store or document hot photos and videos

Take a point of temperature and heat to describe the whole scene in detail

Accurate inspection, diagnosis, and evaluation of the source

Safety inspection of any object in the sun or completely dark, including through capacity like fog, smoke and light brush

Easy navigation and palette between multiple view patterns – ensure multiple options to get

Software evaluation

 Seek thermal XR evaluation:

Seek Thermals (left) and FLIR (right) design comparison

Seek Thermal app

We might as well compare the only thermal imaging accessories that exist in the two markets of Seek Thermals and FLIR. As you can see, Seek Thermals of the external lens form is more compact and convenient, also has iOS and Android two versions, better compatibility, but the drawback is that it may increase mobile phone battery load; and FLIR design of the form of the mobile phone shell, is only compatible with iPhone 5s/5, will significantly increase the weight and thickness of the mobile phone, but built-in the battery, so the theory can be used for a longer time. But in terms of price and availability, we still think Seek Thermals is more flexible and more popular with users.

Use effect: the recognizable temperature resolution is slightly lower

Seek thermal Android Download

Seek Thermals proofs

The proofs can be seen, Seek Thermals was able to identify the figure about, and exposed parts of the skin color is actually more shallow, it represents a higher heat area. However, it is basically impossible to identify the details if you take more than one complex scene.

Seek Thermal app

Seek Thermals is more effective in identifying food temperature

So, what is the more practical application scenario for Seek Thermals? It may be when you choose fresh food in the refrigerator of the supermarket. It can identify which material has the highest temperature, which means that it may not be fresh or cold storage, helping users choose healthier foods.

Seek thermal Android Download

Of course, Seek Thermals does not work in all the scenes, such as the fruit cut in the supermarket in the above picture, which is basically unidentified. From this perspective, the Seek Thermals thermal imaging recognition ability is better than the color and lower resolution FLIR.

Update log

Fix some known BUG.

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